Technologies by Andrei Fedorov
Heat Dissipation for Microelectronic Systems via Capillary Trap
Enables hot-spot chip cooling via thin-film evaporation
Advancing Mass Spectrometry with Novel Interface
Unique device improves size-selective collection and desolvation of charged droplets to enhance the sensitivity of mass spectrometry
Energy Storage for Automotive/Portable Applications
High-capacity, density and efficient hydrogen energy storage for automotive/portable applications
Ultra-High Resolution Multimodal Imaging System
A unique new instrument for multi-modal imaging of biological samples with subcellular spatial resolution
Guided Injection of Charged Cargo for Intracellular Delivery
A system and method for precise delivery of cellular subcomponents with improved control and delivery.
Droplet Impingement Planar-Array-Micro-Reactor
A planar-array-micro-reactor structure that enables direct chemical conversion of liquid reagents
Scalable, Portable Hydrogen Generation
A method and apparatus for generating hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels at high power density and adaptive throughput
3824, 3899, 6239
Micro-scale Fuel Processor for Hydrogen Fuels
A fuel processor and method for producing hydrogen gas
Electron Beam Induced Deposition of Nanostructures
Mode of FEBID with the use of electro-spray-drive liquid jets with new capabilities in the fabrication of topologically-complex 3D nano-structures
New Imaging Tool to Compare Healthy and Diseased Cells
A unique new laboratory research discovery and diagnostic instrument for multi- mode imaging with the ability to compare the dynamics of healthy cells vs. diseased cells
Generating Power via High-Efficiency Electrochemical Converter
A technology to provide more efficient power generation than such current methods as gasoline or thermoelectric generators, photovoltaics, and cyclic compression and expansion engines