The process of moving an innovation or discovery into the commercial marketplace is led by the Office of Technology Licensing in partnership with the Georgia Tech researcher.  

What to Do 

As the researcher or PI, you begin the process by: 

It is important to begin this process as soon as possible after you make your discovery.  

What Happens Next

After receiving your invention disclosure, our office will evaluate its market potential and patentability. If commercialization is warranted, we will then pursue: 

  • Protecting the intellectual property via patenting, etc.
  • Marketing it to potential licensees
  • Executing the licensing agreement(s)
  • Ongoing monitoring and payment of royalties

View a flow chart of the entire process (PDF).

Conflicts of Interest

It is an important part of Georgia Tech's mission to conduct research that has the potential to benefit the public, support industry, create employment, and sustain economic development throughout the state of Georgia.  

Conflicts of interest may arise during commercialization efforts if inventors, company founders, stockholders, or others with a financial interest in a technology's commercial success are also involved in Georgia Tech's research on the technology. 

Therefore, Georgia Tech has implemented a conflict of interest declaration procedure to help innovators understand how to avoid conflicts of interest throughout the commercialization process. Visit the Conflict of Interest Management Office website for more information or contact Gene Pope at 470.583.7943.