Available Technologies by Category
Scalable Manufacturing Approach of Graded Polymer Thin Film Has Potential for Widespread Use
  • Combines slot die coating with a custom roll-to-roll imaging system to allow for efficient, rapid, and scalable fabrication of high-quality gradient thin films.
  • An improved manufacturing process over existing techniques because it uses broad material combinations and yields higher quality patterned thin films.
  • Incorporates multiple materials to increase the application of patterned thin films across industries, including microelectronics, energy technologies, and environmental systems.
Soft Wireless Sternal Patch for Detecting Systemic Vasoconstriction Using Photoplethysmography
  • A wireless, soft sternal patch includes integrated skin-like, photolithographically patterned electronics specifically tuned to continuously measure vasoconstriction from the sternum.
  • In overnight trials, the device detected sleep apnea and hypopnea with 95% precision and 100% sensitivity compared to data professionally scored by licensed clinicians.
  • Use of this patch on the chest could improve detection of key markers of numerous harmful health conditions.
Wearable Ocular Electronics with Virtual Reality Solution for Effective Home-Based Vision Therapy
  • The first fully portable and wireless ocular electronic system in a VR environment provides an effective, home-based visual therapy program.
  • The integrated wearable system has a data classification algorithm to provide high-fidelity, real-time detection of eye vergence to treat eye disorders.
  • Running a VR system on a smartphone can create “virtual therapies” that can be used anywhere anytime.
Fully Passive, Long-Range Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) via 5G
  • Large coverage: Provides a unique combination of large angular coverage and turn-on sensitivity in both planar and bent configurations
  • Long range: Demonstrates the potential for RFIDs with practical reading ranges over 1.8 km
  • Scalable: Scales in size to a precise degree, enabling selection of the optimal tradeoff between size and harvested power/reading range
8141, 8439
Flexible Electrical Interconnects with Concave/Convex Platform
  • Co-fabrication of very complex interconnect structures for developing and testing different system topologies 
  • Improved system performance while increasing packaging density with little or no impact on the fabrication process steps used
  • Complex shapes easily fabricated without compromising the mechanical strength or the electrical performance
Light Powered RFID Tags
  • Ultra-thin
  • Highly flexible and conformable
  • Long sheltimes and operation times
Low Function Electrodes for Flexible Electronics
  • More stable low-WF materials — Replaces reactive metals with easy-to-use, stable materials with comparable performance
  • Less complex — Eliminates the need for a glass barrier or encapsulation layers to protect the material
  • Less expensive — Lowers the cost of production through faster, easier manufacturing