Available Technologies by Category
Tunable Membrane-Based Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery
  • Customizable membrane structure and surface properties provide selective removal of contaminants of emerging concerns (CEC) and recovery of valuable components.
  • An enlarged membrane surface area, combined with a gutter effect from the interlayer, results in nearly double the water permeability of current filtration membranes.
  • Achieves high-performance recovery of essential nutrients/fertilizers that are free of CECs.
Lymphatic System-Specific Lipid Nanoparticles
  • This platform technology improves current targeting to lymphatic tissues and specifically lymphatic endothelial cells.
  • Provides superior tissue targeting and functional delivery of mRNA to lymphatics via loco-regional dermal or subcutaneous avenues.
  • mRNA-based platforms offer a transient and less immunogenic method of delivery compared to protein therapeutics or adeno-associated virus-based platforms.
Sustained Lymphatic Drug Delivery System Potentially Improves Efficacy and Safety of Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies
  • This sustained lymphatic drug delivery system guides therapeutics and imaging agents to the injection site, lymphatic vessels, and lymph nodes. 
  • Sustained lymphatic delivery enables lower dosing and fewer administrations to potentially improve therapeutic response while reducing adverse effects and costs.
  • The simplicity of a vaccine-like, sustained drug release injection allows use at less expensive community health centers.
A Method for Preparing Electrically Conductive Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Applications
  • Conductive – Anchored CNT structures achieve high electrical conductivity
  • Strong – CNTs and metal substrates have high adhesion strength
  • Heat resistant – Anchored CNT structures have high thermal resistance
3D Printed Auxetic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
  • Faster cell growth rate- decreases average cell age in the finished product and increases vitality
  • Affordable and timely approach for regenerating tissues and replacing native tissues
  • Continuous entry and circulation of nutrients results in less variability between cells