Available Technologies by Category
Germination Platform for Cost-Effective Plant Production
  • Cost effective: Simply and inexpensively produces large numbers of high-quality plants from somatic embryogenesis
  • Convenient: Permits easy handling and transport of germinated propagule
  • Practical: Produces high-quality straight roots
Glucose Regulation Via Electrical Stimulation Of Nerves
  • Needle-free blood glucose control.
  • Potential to either eliminate or decrease use of blood glucose control medications.
  • First demonstrated use of electrical stimulation to inhibit nerve activity to cause a decrease in measured blood glucose levels
GPCR-Based Biosensors for Medium-Chain Fatty Acids
  • Innovative – first medium-chain fatty acid biosensor
  • Cost Saving – enables more rapid production
  • Diverse applications – applications that require different dynamic and linear ranges
Grain Structure of Stainless Steel for Anti-Wetting Properties
  • Utilizes intrinsic grain structures of stainless steel to modify surface wettability
  • More efficient fluid transport and reduced energy consumption
  • Does not require the deposition of additional coatings
Graphene Transistors: Nanoscale Electronic Components
  • Faster: Near-ballistic charge transport properties
  • Cooler: Virtually no heat generation at high speeds
  • Stronger: 100 times stronger than steel
Guided Injection of Charged Cargo for Intracellular Delivery
  • Novelty – use of an electrically-charged liquid beam of electrospray
  • Improved control – control of action on the scale of single cell/single pores
  • Diversity – arbitrary diverse set of cargo
Hairbrush Inspired by Cat Tongue Grooming Mechanics
  • Easy to clean: Easy removal of hair between bristles
  • Adaptable: Can conform over any curved surface
  • Effective: Claw-like shape of the spines enables a firm grip to any snag
Handheld Breath Collection Device for Detecting Disease Biomarkers
  • Improved diagnosis:  Analyzes both the gas and liquid sampled from the patient’s breath for potentially more robust and multifaceted results
  • Enhanced patient experience:  Requires a shorter exhalation cycle to get a breath sample, making the test more comfortable for patients
  • Small and portable:  Optimizes and miniaturizes the collection process for easy point-of-care applications
Hardware Integrator for RDBMS and Machine Learning Accelerators
  • Faster and more energy efficient execution of learning algorithms
  • Ensure compatibility between hardware accelerators and data in RDBMS
Heat Dissipation for Microelectronic Systems via Capillary Trap
  • Effective: Dissipates large heat fluxes via 3D heat spreading and evaporative cooling that could approach kW/cm2 and beyond while keeping the surface temperature under 90oC
  • Preventive: Mitigates coolant dry-out at the critical heat flux levels that result in a rapid and large temperature rise and thus cause device burn-out
  • Efficient: Exploits high cooling capabilities associated with phase-change heat transfer through evaporation
Heat-Responsive Programmable T-Cells
  • Specific: The remote programmable nature of these T-cells allows them to be selectively activated only in the necessary locations.
  • Protective: This focused, genetically engineered immunotherapy is intended to protect patients from the additional harm of the off-target cell death and unnecessary systemic damage that is more common with oncological therapeutics.
  • Non-invasive: With NIR light’s ability to penetrate into multiple layers of biological tissue and be absorbed by AuNRs, this technology removes the need for a light source in the body to trigger the T-cells.
Heterogeneous Integration Method for III-Nitride Devices
  • High performance: Enables simple and fast transfer to foreign substrates with an automated pick-and-place technique
  • Compatible: Can be used to transfer devices of any shape and size—from micron to millimeter
  • Efficient: Allows reuse of the growth wafer, lowering production costs
Heterogeneous Interconnect Geometries in Electronic Packages
  • Increased electrical performance of the interconnects
  • Does not compromise mechanical reliability
  • Cost effective
High Data-Rate Wireless Communication
  • Works with any off-the-shelf Wi-Fi radios, requiring minimal or no hardware or firmware changes
  • Works with all frequency bands
  • Backwards-compatible for deployment in existing Wi-Fi network environments
High Sensitivity Stable Sensors and Methods for Manufacturing
  • This technology introduces dual-gate sensors, separating sensing and amplifying functions for unparalleled stability and sensitivity.
  • The innovation addresses limitations of single-gate sensors, providing high sensitivity, low-voltage operation, and compatibility with diverse substrates.
  • Applications include wearables, IoT, environmental monitoring, with cost-effective large-scale production.
High Strength and High Modulus Carbon Fibers
  • Lighter – Carbon fiber is lighter than metals and exhibits significantly higher strength characteristics
  • Stronger and More Thermally Stabile – Process produces stronger fibers by using new processing techniques
  • Lower Energy Manufacturing – Process does not require ultra-high temperature for heat treatment of fibers
High Throughput Spectrometer
  • Low cost – decrease in the number of components decreases cost
  • Compact – decrease in the number of components decreases size
  • High resolution – improvements in hologram recording maintain high resolutions
High-Accuracy, Low-Cost, Low-Power Wireless Tracking Tags
  • Low-cost, ultra-low power wireless tag for real-time asset tracking
  • Passive wireless tag costs less than $1 to manufacture and can operate for several years with maintenance-free operation
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf devices, making it ideal for efficient inventory control in multiple industries
High-Caliber 3D and Aerosol Jet Printing with Regenerated Silk Fibroin (RSF)
  • High fidelity: Preserves silk fibroin’s advantageous mechanical properties by creating a printable RSF solution without the need for chemical additives
  • High quality: Identifies the optimum parameters for producing printed patterns with minimal flaws
  • Efficient: Reduces obstacles (e.g., clogged nozzle and overspray) normally encountered in other processes, like inkjet printing
High-Frequency AIN-on-Silicon Resonant Square Gyroscopes
  • Low-cost –  Straightforward manufacturing process reduces cost and complexity
  • Higher frequency operation – Realizes higher frequency of operation for resonant gyroscopes and provides higher rotation rate sensitivity