Technologies by Mark Losego
Hybrid Molecular Catalysts: A New Blueprint for Catalyst Design, Preparation, and Testing
Homogeneous molecular catalysts cannot be easily scaled up due to complex product separation and catalyst recovery
Eco-Method Mordant that Improves Natural Dye Adhesion to Synthetic Fabrics
Existing industrial dye techniques produce significant waste
Vapor Phase Infiltration Produces Solar Cells with Greater Thermal Stability
Increasing stability of perovskite solar cells during thermal cycling
Vapor Modification Method for Wood Product Preservation
Atomic layer deposition technique to manage moisture content, mold growth, and thermal conductivity
A Process to Chemically Modify Polymeric Materials
A process that chemically modifies polymeric materials through static, low-pressure infiltration
Stable and Durable Polymer Materials
A method for processing Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity (PIM) to increase durability and stability of the polymer