Technologies by Laurens Breedveld
Patterning of Superhydrophobic Paper Surfaces
A 2D microfluidic device with “sticky” regions for containing and mixing fluids
Durable, Water Repellent Coatings
A method to make and apply a durable, water repellent coating to polymeric fabrics
Large-Scale Manufacturing and Directed Assembly for Nanowires
Overcomes the challenges of nanowire fabrication, providing a flexible, rapid and user-programmable technique
Fabrication Approach to Impart Anti-Wetting Properties
A fabrication approach to impart anti-wetting properties to various surfaces by changing the surface physical structures, chemical structures, or both.
Solution-Based 3D Printing
A technique that enables the use of polymers otherwise incompatible with existing manufacturing techniques
Superomniphobic Paper
Cellulose-based paper substrate that is both superhydrophobic and superoloephobic
Grain Structure of Stainless Steel for Anti-Wetting Properties
A fabrication technique involving anti-wetting properties to stainless steel without applying a coating, while maintaining stability of the material