A method to make and apply a durable, water repellent coating to polymeric fabrics

Georgia Tech inventors have developed a fluorine-free, durable, water repellent coating for polymeric fabrics and an application method for the coating.  The inorganic, molecule, based coating wraps around the individual fibers in the fabric, allowing the coating to strongly adhere to the overall fabric.  Coated fabrics are super-hydrophobic and show excellent resistance against various types of wear damage.

Solution Advantages
  • Durable – coating is wear-resistant against many types of damage and retains its water repellent properties over a long period of time
  • Low Cost – production process is simple and straight-forward
  • Functional – can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Versatile – process can be easily scaled up for production
  • Environmentally Friendly – does not require a complex line of production, cutting energy 
Potential Commercial Applications
  •  Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
  •  Outdoor Activities Equipment
  •  Any other equipment that requires protection from moisture
Background and More Information

Polymeric fabrics are an important component in manufacturing commercial products for both indoor and outdoor activities.  The structure of these fabrics make them naturally hydrophilic, however, many applications require that these fabrics be hydrophobic.  While water-repellent coatings are widely available, they often degrade under environmental conditions.