Technologies by Gregory Abowd
Self-Powered Highly Stretchable Sensing Interface for Gesture Recognition
Rethinking the materiality of tangible input interfaces used in human health monitoring, assistive technologies, musical instruments, and more
Smart Webcam Shield Protects Users from Unknown External Digital Intrusion
Superior automation to block unauthorized use of webcam, removing risk caused by user inattention
IMUTube: Converting Videos of Human Activity into Virtual IMU Data Streams
An approach to make use of large video repositories for behavior analysis with wearables
A Sensor That Converts Everyday Objects into Microphones
Thin, flexible, easily manufactured SATURN (Self-Powered Audio Triboelectric Ultra-Thin Rollable Nanogenerator) microphone with self-powered communication
Cause-Effect Analysis for Video Content
A data-driven analysis of causality in video, which enables effective video content processing in an unsupervised fashion, with emphasize on temporal interaction vs. user interactions