Technologies by Xing Xie
Electric Field Treatment Creates Safe, Effective Antimicrobial Surfaces
Bacterial contamination can cause serious problems for industry as well as public health
Self-Driven, Reusable, Scalable Technique for Harvesting Microalgae with Porous Superabsorbent Polymer
Efficient method to quickly harvest microalgae for a variety of energy, agriculture, and pharmaceutical applications
Salinity Exchange Process for Low-Cost, High-Quality Potable Water
Energy efficient and environmentally friendly using both wastewater and seawater while overcoming public perception obstacles
Smart Porous Hydrogels to Increase Cold Supply Chain Efficacy of Biologics and Pharmaceuticals
Designed to streamline storage and handling of biologics and pharmaceuticals, decreasing costs while increasing accessibility
Low-Voltage Nanowire-Assisted Electroporation for Water Disinfection
For continuous antimicrobial use in municipal pipeline systems
Super-Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Beads for Collection of Biofluid Samples
Fast and simple method to prolong specimen shelf life at room temperature and lower costs of remote collection for characterization and diagnostics
CECICS - Water Disinfection Device
A tubular-shape cell for efficient point-of-use water disinfection