Technologies by Scott Hollister
Bioabsorbable, Permeable, and Flexible 3D Auxetic Implants Offer Large-Volume Soft Tissue Reconstruction

Lack of available organs and tissues to treat disease is a major problem 

Patterned Implantable Devices for Improved Reconstruction of Tubular Tissue Passageway Defects

Current options for tubular tissue reconstruction are extremely limited—particularly in pediatrics

Customized 3D-Printed Bioresorbable Heart Valves
Current heart valves are primarily permanent devices that can require reintervention
Biodegradable Shape Memory Polymer for 3D-Printed Tissue and Biomedical Devices
Biodegradable, Bioresorbable, Soft-Tissue Replacement
Advanced Manufacturing of Biodegradable Shape Memory Polymers Increases In Vivo Success
Greater biocompatibility of polymers needed for biomedical implantations