Technologies by F. Degertekin
Acousto-Optical Sensors for MRI Safety Evaluation

Implants can cause hot spots and burns during MRI scans

Parametric Resonance Approach for Efficient, Versatile Acoustic Power Transfer for Implantable/Wearable Devices, Sensing, and Communications
Wireless power transfer and acoustic sensing is limited to low-power applications and low-loss conditions
7635, 9075
Adaptive Broadband Impedance Matching in Ultrasound Front-End Electronics
High-performance frequency response for imaging and sensing applications
Multi-Functional Sparse Phased Arrays for Guiding Focused Ultrasound Therapies
Highly sensitive and adaptable methods and systems to aid treatment planning and monitoring
Spatial Tracking of Catheters in Interventional MRI
A catheter device with improved safety by eradicating heat and improved positioning during MRI procedures.
Integrated Force Sensing for Probe Microscopy
Several modifications to probe microscopy and force spectroscopy techniques
Dual Electrode Ultrasonic Transducers
A method to optimize ultrasonic imaging using electrodes