Technologies by Krishnendu Roy
“Smart” Feedback-Controlled Bioreactor Platform Enables Consistent High-Yield and High-Quality MSC Products
Large-scale reproduction of high-quality hCT-MSC clinical cultures needed
Novel Nanocarriers Strengthen Therapeutic Delivery, Improves Efficacy
Overcoming limited durability and variant response in vaccine development and delivery
Automated Bioreactor Sampling System Can Eliminate Cross-Contamination of Samples
Many bioreactor sampling systems have cross-contamination
Simulated Synovial Fluid Offers Potential for Effective Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
Knee Osteoarthritis Difficult to Treat Despite High Prevalence
In-Vitro Human Bone Marrow-on-a-Chip
A device for creating a more comprehensive human bone marrow mimic for drug screening and toxicity tests
Synthetic Nano-Antibodies for Immunotherapy
A synthetic nano-antibody that is a cheaper and more effective alternative immunotherapeutic option
Method for Clinical T-Cell Expansion
A biologically-inspired strategy to enhance the expansion of therapeutic T cells by mimicking the environment and conditions of lymph nodes
Multiplexed Analysis of Cells for Cancer Research
A method to simultaneously analyze a large number of cell properties in a biomimetic three-dimensional microenvironment for cancer research
Methods for Generating Functional Therapeutic Cells
A method for genetic engineering of B Cells with the ability to target highly specific antigens for use in immunotherapy.