Technologies by Younan Xia
Platinum-Based Nano-Cages for Fuel Cells
A method that allows for the creation of platinum (Pt) nano-cages to act as an enhanced catalyst for critical fuel cell reactions
Facile Synthesis of Ultrathin Silver Nanowires
A simple one-pot method to produce silver nanowires that are less than 20 nm in diameter with aspect ratios of more than 1,000
Atomic Layer-by-Layer Deposition of Platinum
Core-shell nanostructures with platinum (Pt) overlayers on a nano-substrate core, formed of palladium (Pd) for core-shell nanostructures for use in electro catalytic applications
Methods for Generating Palladium-Rhodium Hetero-Nanostructures
A method for synthesis of bimetallic core-frame nanocrystals.Bimetal nanocrystals are central to the development of catalysts for use in fuel cells, catalytic converters, and numerous industrial processes
Sutures with Porous Sheaths for Drug Delivery
A simple and versatile method for creating highly porous sutures which aim to accelerate the healing process of an injury site.