Technologies by W. Ready
Composite Hybrid Electrode Material Composed of Alumina, Titania, and Carbon Nanotubes

Improvement to supercapitors is necessary to match new technologies

Chip-Scale Electrochemical Double-Layer (ECDL) Supercapacitors
Using embedded carbon nanotubes to provide high-power energy storage for large and small electronic systems
Three-Dimensionally Textured Photovoltaic (PV) Cells
A light-trapping solution to significantly increase absorption
Carbon Nanotube Cold Cathodes
Carbon nanotube based ion thrusters with improved electron emission sources
Carbon Nanotube Electrode Array for Neural Prosthetics
Carbon nanotubes allow for significant electrode performance in biological applications, and can serve as nanosyringes for drug eution all while preventing major scarring and delivering therapeutic agents
Methods to Impart Color and Patterns on Metal
A method of coloring metal surfaces without damaging its properties
CNT-Based Devices Using Thin-Film Technologies
A thin-film triode design for CNT-based field emission to reduce the size and increase the efficiency of carbon nanotube (CNT)–based field emission devices