Technologies by Shannon Yee
A Brayton Electrochemical Refrigerator/Air-Conditioner

Current cooling methods have high global warming potential burdens

Reinvented Toilet Technologies
A low-cost toilet sanitation system for non-sewered treatment of waste
8592, 8593, 8594, 8595, 8596, 8597, 8917, 8996
Post-Processing Side Chain Cleavage to Enhance Conjugated Polymers
Provides a 10x increase in electrical conductivity and doubles the thermoelectric power factor at a lower cost
Vapor Modification Method for Wood Product Preservation
Atomic layer deposition technique to manage moisture content, mold growth, and thermal conductivity
Thermoelectric Interconnects
A method for improving the efficiency of thermoelectric devices
Generating Power via High-Efficiency Electrochemical Converter
A technology to provide more efficient power generation than such current methods as gasoline or thermoelectric generators, photovoltaics, and cyclic compression and expansion engines