Technologies by Thomas Orlando
Portable, Reusable, Micropower Radiation Monitors Provide Real-Time Assessment of Radiation Risk

There is a need for reusable radiation monitors that don’t require constant power

Plasma-Activated Catalytic Air Purifier Cleans Enclosed Spaces

Plasma technologies produce unwanted byproducts 

Chemically Modified Reduced Graphene Oxides (rGOs) Improve Strength and Qualities of Polymer Composites
Reinforcing thermoplastics using reduced graphene oxides is challenged by poor solubility and aggregation
Method for Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Method of improving mass spectrometry imaging using a solvent-free coating process
Chemically Resolved Microscopy Using Microplasma Discharges
A microplasma device that serves as an ion source for a mass spectrometer
Laser Rastering and Photoprocessing to Create Graphene Sheets
Bench-top production of graphene sheets via laser rastering and photoprocessing of graphite oxide