Technologies by Woon-Hong Yeo
Smart Nanosensor-Embedded Stent System for Wireless Surveillance of Restenosis in Coronary Artery Disease

Current stent methods and devices have high a risk for complications

Soft Wireless Sternal Patch for Detecting Systemic Vasoconstriction Using Photoplethysmography

No commercial device has successfully measured real-time vasoconstriction from the chest

High-Precision, Hands-Free Remote Control of Complex Robotic Systems Via Eye Movements

Current methods of eye movement tracking have limited control and precision 

Wearable Ocular Electronics with Virtual Reality Solution for Effective Home-Based Vision Therapy
Treating Eye Disorders Exacerbated by Extensive Smartphone Usage
Smart, Wireless, Bioelectronic Pacifier for Real-Time Continuous Salivary Electrolyte Monitoring in Infants
Current electrolyte monitoring for infants either requires painful blood draws or is bulky and ineffective
Wearable Health Monitoring Device Improves Data Quality and Accuracy
Enhances user comfort and adhesion during multi-hour, real-life activities
Wireless Neurovascular Monitoring System
A flexible and minimally invasive electronic system to wirelessly monitor treatment of cerebral aneurysms