Technologies by Raghupathy Sivakumar
Taskr: Fast and Easy Mobilization of Spot Tasks in Web-based Enterprise Applications

Spot tasks are limited by complex needs to render features

Dominance-Based Wireless Communication and Associated Solutions

Traditional wireless communication methods can require too many transmitting devices

Real-Time Mobilization of Computer Software Applications
Leveraging view virtualization and transformation services for a seamless mobile user experience
Rapid Mobilization of Essential Enterprise Applications
A low-resource, cloud-based platform for easy mobile access to enterprise software programs
Using Smart Macros to Optimize User Actions on Smartphones
Improves user experience in remote versions of desktop applications
Super Aggregation: Multihoming for Wireless Devices
Improving performance of multiple wireless interfaces used simultaneously
WiMove: Ceiling-Based Access Point for Wireless Communications
A device that incorporates machine-learning algorithms to ultimately deliver better and faster communication in telecommunications
MANTIS: Wireless YouTube Load-Shifting
Based on an individual’s watch history, this algorithm downloads YouTube videos during non-peak hours, reducing the total amount of data being used towards YouTube.
Increasing WiFi VoIP Call Capacity
Software optimization solutions that have to be deployed at the access-point and the mobile client that can significantly improve the VoIP call capacity
High Data-Rate Wireless Communication
A software that enables Wi-Fi networks to operate at an optimal data rate
DejaVu: Automated Suggestions for Email Responses on Mobile Devices
An algorithm that relies on inverse document frequency (IDF) and keyword matching to provide relevant suggestions during reply construction
A Mobile-to-Mobile Remote Computing Protocol for Mobile Computing Devices
PEEK - a mobile-to-mobile remote computing protocol