Technologies by Farrokh Ayazi
Resonators for Temperature-Stable Oscillators
A new design for resonators that will stabilize temperatures at high frequency rates.
Integrated Cascaded Atomic Beam
An accurate cascaded atomic beam to aid in gyroscope applications and atomic clocks.
Piezo-On-Diamond Resonators and Resonator Systems
Piezoelectrically-transduced micromachined bulk acoustic resonators fabricated on a polycrystalline diamond film
Self-Aligned HARPSS Micromechanical Variable Capacitors
A silicon micro-fabrication technique for the implementation of tunable capacitors with very small tuning voltages
Fabrication of Slanted Electrodes in MEMS Devices
A method to fabricate microelectronic mechanical systems (MEMS) devices with horizontal and slanted electrodes
High-Precision Microphone for Body-Worn Devices
A high-precision and high-bandwidth accelerometer contact microphone (ACM) for body-worn auscultation devices
High-Frequency AIN-on-Silicon Resonant Square Gyroscopes
A high-frequency resonant square micro-gyroscope using piezoelectric transduction
Block Resonator Biosensor with Annexed Platform
A high-Q longitudinal block resonator with an annexed platform for mass sensing
Stiffness Trimming of High Q MEMS Clocks and Oscillators
A high resolution method to trim the resonance frequency of high-Q single-crystal silicon MEMS resonators coated with a thin-film germanium layer