Technologies by Fei Wang
A First-of-its-Kind Power Amplifier-Based Network for Efficient Broadband Operations
Addressing the need for high capacity and broad spectrum for next-generation networks
8158, 8159
‘Intelligent’ Power Amplifier Architecture
Self-adaptive control algorithms enable 5G communications applications
A Method to Minimize 5G Signal Noise and Energy Consumption
Improving quantization noise and suppressing bandwidth-intensive media to boost reliability
Mixed-Signal Doherty Power Amplifier
A mixed-signal doherty power amplifier created to achieve high linearity, high efficiency, and well-controlled power cells to enable the next generation wireless communication systems
A Broadband Mm-Wave for Multi-Band Applications
A broadband mm-wave mixed signal Doherty TX, with linearity and energy efficiency to support multiple bands for 5G MIMO systems

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