Technologies by Hua Wang
A First-of-its-Kind Power Amplifier-Based Network for Efficient Broadband Operations
Addressing the need for high capacity and broad spectrum for next-generation networks
8158, 8159
Enabling Multi-Beam, High-Capacity Massive MIMO for 5G Communications and More
A first-of-its-kind N-input-N-output MIMO receiver (Rx) array
‘Intelligent’ Power Amplifier Architecture
Self-adaptive control algorithms enable 5G communications applications
A Method to Minimize 5G Signal Noise and Energy Consumption
Improving quantization noise and suppressing bandwidth-intensive media to boost reliability
Smart Petri Chip: Electronic-Photonic Cellular Sensing Platform
A low-cost silicon-based cellular sensing platform, called the 'Smart Petri Chip', which offers the potential for large-scale and high throughput, real-time cellular monitoring, and re-usability
Mixed-Signal Doherty Power Amplifier
A mixed-signal doherty power amplifier created to achieve high linearity, high efficiency, and well-controlled power cells to enable the next generation wireless communication systems
Reconfigurable Antenna Array with Multi-Feed Antenna Pixels
A technology that consists of a fully, re-configurable pixelated antenna array that reduces or eliminates loss and distortion challenges that conventional switch-based tunable antennas suffer
Self-Steering Transceiver with Autonomous Beam-Forming
An all-passive, self-steering RF front-end beam-forming transceiver array with zero direct power consumption
A Broadband Mm-Wave for Multi-Band Applications
A broadband mm-wave mixed signal Doherty TX, with linearity and energy efficiency to support multiple bands for 5G MIMO systems
Cross-Coupled VCO With Phase Noise Performance
Transformer-based inverted complementary cross-coupled VCO topology, where the source nodes of the cross-coupled pairs are inherently separated.
Ultra-Compact, Low-Power THz Radio
An invention that uses complementary metal oxide semiconductor and silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor processes to develop nano-scaled radios operating at sub-mm-Wave and THz frequencies

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