Technologies by Emmanouil Tentzeris
Inkjet Printed Multi-Layer mm-Wave Antennas and Passive Components

Current manufacturing process limits the supplies available and can be wasteful

Fully Passive, Long-Range Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) via 5G
Leveraging a Rotman lens-based RFID system for mm-wave harvesting and ultra-low power communications in Internet of Things (IoT) technology
8141, 8439
A First-of-its-Kind, Ultra-Low Voltage Single-Element Amplified Backscatter System
Lowering voltage consumption and increasing range for next-generation RFID designs
A Sensor That Converts Everyday Objects into Microphones
Thin, flexible, easily manufactured SATURN (Self-Powered Audio Triboelectric Ultra-Thin Rollable Nanogenerator) microphone with self-powered communication
Smart Test Strip Enabled by Inkjet Printed Microfluids
A smart test strip platform that allows for wireless, real-time data sensing
Reconfigurable Antennas for Radar Applications
Electronically reconfigurable antennas for communications and radar applications
Multi-Layer Inkjet-Printed Capacitors
Inkjet-printed low cost high frequency capacitors for use in electronics
Wireless Power Transfer System
Efficient wireless transfer system which can transfer both data and power
6080, 6081, 6106
Inkjet Printed Reflect Array with Van-Atta Operation
A device and interrogation method for extended range wireless sensing