Technologies by Ari Glezer
Scalable Vapor Condenser for Power Generation
A device and method for rapid vapor condensation to minimize energy loss, for applications ranging from electronics to power plants.
Vortex Generators for Prosthetic Heart Valves
An array of vortex generators that gain passive flow control that minimizes the shear stresses experienced by blood elements flowing across bileaflet mechanical heart valves.
Method For Converting Solar and Waste Heat into Usable Energy
An approach to harvesting solar and waste energy by exploiting and enhancing the inherent instabilities of stratified, thermally buoyant air layers in both open and closed spaces
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction at Low Angles of Attack
A synthetic jet actuators positioned downstream of vorticity concentration-producing components
Aerodynamically-Adaptive Platforms using Distributed Bleed Flow Control
A system for improved control of the aerodynamic and structural loads on flight and ground platforms using distributed active air bleed driven through the aerodynamic surfaces
Submersible Vehicle Design Based on Biomimicry of Batoids
A submersible vehicle design suitable for extended underwater missions based on a improved batoid-based design