Internet of Space Things
  • Comprehensive: Provides a fully integrated cyber-physical system that allows for active sensing, passive sensing, and data communications
  • Robust: Offers a dynamic and scalable network configuration with a centralized control that enables and simplifies data aggregation
  • Cost effective: Permits highly differentiated networking capabilities to be integrated and deployed over the same network infrastructure, using CubeSats to decrease costs
LogicFuzzer Cybersecurity Framework
  • Accurate: Demonstrates high reliability in identifying the presence of malicious code and programs
  • Robust: Identifies malware even if the attacker hides the malicious behavior (e.g., by using a logic bomb), since it is agnostic to large timer or counter values set to hide malicious code segments
  • Easy to use: Eliminates the need for a training stage and requires only the binary program rather than source code
Increasing WiFi VoIP Call Capacity
  • Supports many calls per access points
RFID Security
  • Dynamic security — keys are constantly refreshed so even if a given key is compromised, the breach is only temporary
  • Limiting — hackers ability to access RFID from a distance
Improved Privacy: A Data Security Solution
  • Easy-to-use – Overcomes usability problems and/or server modifications of existing privacy solutions
  • Standalone – Ability to be used as a standalone program that provides better isolation than other products
  • Secure – Allows the provider or online entity to enhance the user’s confidence that the personal data will be not be compromised
Apparatus and Method for Protecting Log Information
  • Hardware and software to prevent ‘log’ data tampering
  • System logs impenetrable and non-modifiable
  • Disables the ability to remove or tamper with trace data
Using Hardware "Fingerprints" to Enhance Network Security
  • Long-Term Solution: Because no software client is required, this technique can be used to identify both current and future unmanageable devices.
  • Failsafe: Because it relies on inherently unique signatures tied to hardware’s diverse compositions, component manufacturers, and physical differences, the system is difficult to defeat by unauthorized—or even authorized—users.
  • Reduced Vulnerability: As a network-based solution, this method eliminates the security vulnerabilities associated with software additions at each node.
Enhanced Information Security Monitoring Using Analog Signals
  • Accurately and precisely perform security monitoring of information and data being used by computer devices and systems
  • Eliminates the need for the security mechanism to be incorporated into the device/system being monitored
  • Capable of functioning without using resources of the device or system being monitored