This technology integrates sensors and electronics for use in biological experiments and clinical diagnostics

Inventors at Georgia Tech have developed a high density sensing platform that allows fluid delivery to a sensor array integrated with electrical interconnects to report sensor readings. These platforms utilize low cost wafer-scale semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Fluidic channels and sensors are fabricated on a silicon substrate with a second layer containing interconnected electronic leads to transmit sensor output. This invention also provides a new way of integrating microfluidic sensors with electronics and enables a new paradigm for biological based experiments.

Solution Advantages
  • High volume — device can be used for simultaneous sensing of thousands of proteins or nucleic acid sequences
  • Cheaper — utilizes low cost wafer-scale semiconductor manufacturing technologies
  • Versatile — can be used for many chemical and biochemical sensors
Potential Commercial Applications
  • Microfluidic sensors
  • Study of gene expression and personalized medicine
  • Disease detection
Background and More Information

Early detection is essential in effective cancer treatment. Many different sensor technologies are under development for this purpose and for a variety of other chemical and biological sensing applications. However, there is a need for these sensors to be packaged and connected with electronics to convey sensing results to make them suitable for clinical and commercial use.