A system and method for providing a power optimized waveform

Georgia Tech inventors have developed a system and method for providing a power optimized waveform. This invention provides a method of powering wirelessly powered devices by providing a wirelessly powered device and a wireless power transmission system. This method involves receiving an input power waveform to the wirelessly powered device from the wireless power transmission system, where each cycle of the waveform includes a charge portion and a starve portion.

Solution Advantages
  • Range – greater wireless power range
  • Efficiency – greater wireless power efficiency
  • Reliability – increased wireless power reliability
Potential Commercial Applications
  • Small, portable, and power efficient electronic devices
  • Wireless power systems
  • Miniature passive electronic devices
  • Portable electronic devices
Background and More Information

Commercial demand for small, portable, and power efficient electronic devices providing a variety of functions and features is growing at an exponential pace. There is an increasing demand to enable systems and methods for wirelessly providing power to electronics. Significantly, it may be possible to power miniature passive electronic devices and potentially even common portable electronic devices, such as cellphones, GPS systems, and media players, via a wireless input signal. The potential applications for wirelessly powered devices is tremendous, yet, the range, reliability, and power efficiency of conventional wirelessly powered systems is limited.

Power Optimized Waveform