Current on-chip filters are too big and non scalable 

Developed for applications exceeding 30 GHz, this "combline" electromagnetic filter technology leverages the phase-change properties of Vanadium Dioxide (VO2) to adjust its passband frequency range dynamically. Heating VO2 creates a high-performance ground connection, reducing the electrical length of coupled transmission lines and thus shifting the passband to a higher frequency.

Miniature on-chip filters provide compact size, scalability and low insertion loss

This innovation addresses several challenges: it overcomes the limitations of acoustic wave filtering technology above 30 GHz, alleviates space constraints in millimeter wave (mmWave) array front-end electronics, and mitigates the high insertion loss associated with transistor-based switches in filter banks.

Solution Advantages
  • Compact on-chip form factor 
  • Simple control requirements
  • Scalability to more complex filter shapes and more bands 
  • Low insertion loss compared to other filtering options
Potential Commercial Applications
  • 5G communications systems that switch between different operating bands above 30 GHz 
  • 6G communications systems that require dynamic frequency band change 
mmWave Reconfigurable and Miniature On-Chip Filter Based on Vanadium Dioxide