Available Technologies by Category
Secure QR Code System for Distributed Large Payload Transmissions
  • Increases opportunities for utilization of QR codes for various applications
  • Overcomes limitations such as small payloads and limited linking capabilities in current QR technologies/systems
  • Incorporates the ability to transmit data with different layers – encrypted/unencrypted, compressed/uncompressed and others
2D Array Device
  • Simple – does not require microstructure fabrication or periphery equipment, such as pressure-driven pumps to operate
  • Unique – loading method enables rapid sample loading and high-percentage sample isolation simultaneously
  • Cheaper – improvements in efficiency and robustness reduce complexity and overhead expenses
Contact Potential Difference Sensor to Monitor Flowing Oil Properties
  • Real-time: provides real-time electrochemical analysis of engine oil by placing sensors in the oil flow
  • Cheaper: by monitoring for early signs of engine damage, this technology can help avoid expensive repairs
  • Increased oil life expectancy: owners can extract maximum life from their increasingly expensive motor oil
Methods for Dynamic Modeling and Closed-Loop Control of Inflammation
  • Dynamic Adjustments: can make dynamic adjustments to obtain control over the response
  • Predict Stimuli: will predict when pro- and anti-inflammatory stimuli should be applied to generate the appropriate temporal profile of cellular response
Field Measurement of Gas Fluxes Using a Non-Gradient Method
  • Costs: lower equipment and operation cost without compromising measurement accuracy
  • Efficiency: efficient modeling gas fluxes at diurnal and seasonal scales
  • Applicability: natural and pollutant gases over all types of land surfaces.
Disposable Impedance Biosensor for Cell Manufacturing
  • Multi-point measurements- provide tempo-spatial profiles of culture attributes and can print a wide range of conductive and insulating materials on both rigid and flexible substrates with non-planar surfaces
  • Wireless - collects the signal wirelessly via printed antennas to simplify the integration to different types of existing bioreactor technologies
  • Safe - system does not apply contact, and minimizes any chance of harm or contamination to affect the cell culture
Equipment-Free Quantification in Point-of-Care Diagnostic Assays
  • Field-deployable robustness: uses reference reactions to accurately measure biomarker levels without expensive or cumbersome equipment   
  • Lower cost: quantification does not require expensive technology
3D Light-Field Endoscopy Using a Gradient Index Lens Array
  • Measurements: system achieves 'true quantitative' 3D information
  • Imaging and visualization: system brings a great potential for fast 3D quantitative imaging, visualization, and synthesis of the focal stacks
  • Material: method is glass-free
Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing Driven By a Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Safety: intrinsically limited charge transfer and current provide better safety for both personnel and instruments.

Cost-effectiveness: the TENG was simply operated using a rotary motor and the cost of the TENG device and boost circuit is less than 100 USD, while a commercial DC HV power source usually costs more than 1000 USD.

Controllability: owing to the charge dominating output characteristic of TENG, the droplet jetting frequency could be controlled by the TENG operation frequency.

Linear-Grating Triboelectric Generator
  • Versatile: can be applied to TEGs if different configurations
  • Enhanced output: linear grating is introduced to the sliding elements, resulting in enhancements of output charge, output current, and current frequency
Precision Needle Positioning Robotic System for MRI Guided Injection
  • Increased accuracy — robot capable of less than 100 micron accuracy
  • Increased speed — faster targeting of injection locations
Shape Machine
  • General solution — the sub-shape recognition module proposed is the first general solution to recognize sub-shape in a bigger shape
  • Efficient — users can manipulate geometries instead of pixel-based images so there is no data training needed
Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Large-Scale Energy Harvesting
  • Increased power output — scaled up NG to power hundreds of devices, not just one
  • Improved structure — more inductive charges will be generated for this new design
Optical Delay Scanner
  • Efficient – provides 10-times lower wave-front aberration than the best comparable dispersion-free delay line  
  • Simple – simplifies the spectroscopic coherent Raman imaging (CRI) approach
Spatial Tracking of Catheters in Interventional MRI
  • Increased safety — eradicates RF induced heating while providing position of catheters in the body during iMRI procedures
  • Simultaneous measurements — offers temperature measurements, orientation, and other parameters
Foldable Box Kites for Generating Electricity
  • Robust – dynamic stability enables much easier control of the comprised of box kites
  • Increased generation –the kite can access and capture much stronger and steadier winds
  • Simple – components are easier to manufacture and install and maintain
Protecting Cache Memories from Eviction-Based Attacks
  • Robust to attacks – tolerates years of continuous eviction-based attacks
  • Negligible slowdown – creates an miniscule slowdown of 1%
  • Storage efficient – requires a storage overhead of less than 100 bytes for new structures
Zombie-Based Mitigation – Protecting Cache from Flush-Based Attack
  • Negligible performance – performance is unchanged when the system is not under attack
  • Storage efficient – low storage required for implementation and execution (1 bit per line)
  • Robust – no restrictions on capacity benefits of page-sharing
X-Band Tunable Microwave Generator
  • Simpler – consists of a single laser diode, a mirror, a feedback attenuator, photodiode, and inter-connects between the devices
  • Cheaper – does not require expensive external RF sources or laser sources
  • Accessible – does not require any exotic components that cannot be purchased from a component manufacturer
7960, 7930
Guided Injection of Charged Cargo for Intracellular Delivery
  • Novelty – use of an electrically-charged liquid beam of electrospray
  • Improved control – control of action on the scale of single cell/single pores
  • Diversity – arbitrary diverse set of cargo