Available Technologies by Category
Three-Dimensionally Textured Photovoltaic (PV) Cells
  • Powerful: Improves probability of absorption via a novel light-trapping geometry
  • Practical: Eliminates the need for heavy, complex, costly, and failure-prone mechanical systems required by traditional planar PV cells to track the sun
  • Reliable: Improves photon absorption probability even at off-normal azimuth angles, leading to more predictable performance across all seasons for terrestrial applications
Novel Polymer Hybrid Improves Stability of Implantable Devices
  • Strong: Provides structural stability and enhanced cellular adhesion for implant materials
  • Biocompatible: Reduces the risk for complications that could arise with the use of chemical components
  • Customizable: Permits easy incorporation of various nanomaterials to fine-tune devices to meet patient needs
Fabricating High-Power Solar Cells with a Novel Boron Emitter
  • Efficient: Demonstrates a competitive level of efficiency road map of over 24.2%
  • Cost-effective: Offers a simplified approach for fabricating TOPCon solar cells while still maintaining their efficiency
  • Sustainable: Improves upon current renewable energy solutions that provide alternatives to fossil fuel–based energy consumption
Powered Bilateral Knee Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Children and Adults
  • Lightweight: Uses one of the lightest available electromechanical actuators—just 0.5 kg—along with a mere 1.5 kg for the exoskeleton assembly
  • Back-drivable: Lowers the mechanical effort involved in back driving with a single-stage actuator
  • Efficient: Reduces battery consumption compared with existing systems
A Method to Minimize 5G Signal Noise and Energy Consumption
  • Efficient: Minimizes 5G energy noise and lowers overall energy consumption required for the exponential growth of 5G networks
  • Reliable: Promises to improve signal reliability by suppressing bandwidth-intensive media without impacting end-user experience
  • Economical: Improves affordability of signal routing for millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G services
Multi-Functional Sparse Phased Arrays for Guiding Focused Ultrasound Therapies
  • Robust: Provides sensitivity of detection down to a single microbubble for FUS-induced microbubble activity
  • Precise: Offers broadband B-mode imaging capabilities to improve workflow and efficacy of FUS-based therapies
  • Scalable: Enables the formation of large CMUT arrays and subarrays with appropriate element spacing
Four-Dimensional Electron Density Mapping of the Ionosphere
  • Innovative: Produces the first four-dimensional image of electron density in the lower ionosphere
  • Far-reaching: Leverages technology that can be used efficiently on a global scale
  • Pragmatic: Yields a highly useful four-dimensional map to be used in military and commercial applications that rely on high-frequency communications
Hybrid Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Effective Gas Separation
  • Tunable: Provides a mechanism for adjusting the porosity and functionality of ZIF materials to be used in a range of applications
  • Advanced: Demonstrates significantly higher levels of separation selectivity from molecular mixtures of interest than previous ZIF models
  • Scalable: Holds potential for large-scale CO2 separation in different materials, such as membranes and adsorbents
Internet of Space Things
  • Comprehensive: Provides a fully integrated cyber-physical system that allows for active sensing, passive sensing, and data communications
  • Robust: Offers a dynamic and scalable network configuration with a centralized control that enables and simplifies data aggregation
  • Cost effective: Permits highly differentiated networking capabilities to be integrated and deployed over the same network infrastructure, using CubeSats to decrease costs
7957, 7958
Optical Wireless Communications System Self-Powered by Triboelectric Nanogenerator
  • High capacity: Utilizes optical electromagnetic frequencies for transmission to bypass the crowding from other wireless service providers
  • Sustainable: Sources renewable energy via the TENG
  • Practical: Contains parameters and techniques that can be optimized for different circumstances
Heterogeneous Integration Method for III-Nitride Devices
  • High performance: Enables simple and fast transfer to foreign substrates with an automated pick-and-place technique
  • Compatible: Can be used to transfer devices of any shape and size—from micron to millimeter
  • Efficient: Allows reuse of the growth wafer, lowering production costs
High-Performance Broadband Photodetector and Power Generator
  • Versatile: Adjusts for several different parameters, including light intensity, switching frequency, and illumination area
  • Efficient: Provides voltage that is easily converted for use through a medium that is small, low cost, and easily fabricated
  • Highly sensitive: Operates with ultra-high light sensitivity, even at very low light intensity, and fast response speeds
Innovative Draw-based Fabrication of Patterned Structures Beyond Prismatic Geometries
  • Innovative: Pioneers a new method, expanding the applications of drawing lithography for shapes other than sharp point geometry
  • Straightforward: Introduces a simpler procedure that, unlike photolithography, does not require a cleanroom or ultraviolet (UV) curing, making it viable for continuous manufacturing
  • Flexible: Includes parameters that can be tuned to produce patterns of different sizes and shapes
Inverted Organoids for Breast Cancer and Other Invasion Studies
  • Innovative: Serves as a convenient platform for studying the invasive abilities of breast cancer cells
  • Stable: Enables formation of large inverted organoids where the basement membrane forms on the interior surface alongside a breast cell line epithelium
  • Flexible: Allows for long-term studies of at least 25 days due to the robust maintenance of the inverted orientation
Polymer-Based Removal of Pollutants from Contact Lenses
  • Effective: Removes large-particle pollutants as effectively as traditional cleaning solutions, and removes smaller pollutants and microplastics with significantly higher efficacy
  • Robust: Utilizes an elastic polymer that enables contact force between two elastic materials to do the work of removing particles of any size
  • Safe: Eliminates the need for soaking and rubbing removal methods that may tear or damage contact lenses
Assessment of Soluble Cancer Biomarkers for Focused Ultrasound Therapy
  • Simple: Avoids reliance on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based methods of monitoring and optimizing FUS therapy
  • Safe: Relies on a small amount of fluid collected before/after FUS-targeted drug delivery
  • Robust: Enables a range of new therapeutic interventions for cancerous tumors as well as both delivery and monitoring/optimizing of those therapies
Streamlined Hematology Analysis for Point-of-Care Settings
  • Streamlined: Enables testing in point-of-care settings without complex procedures and specially trained personnel
  • Highly accurate: Offers a spatial resolution higher than current methods due to the shorter wavelength of UV light
  • Cost-effective: Saves on reagents, complex equipment costs, and time-intensive processes without compromising diagnostic quality
Technique Improves Printing Quality for 3D Nanoprinting
  • High-performance: Enables a powerful process for high-throughput 3D printing of micro- and nanoscale structures
  • Efficient: Reduces defects during printing to improve yield and decrease excess printing commonly observed with FP-TPL
  • Improved: Broadens the applicability of FP-TPL to printing of functional micro- and nanoscale structures
Low-Voltage Nanowire-Assisted Electroporation for Water Disinfection
  • Efficient: Achieves rapid and universal pathogen inactivation with low power consumption
  • Flexible: Features a configurable structure that can be placed easily into existing pipeline systems
  • Chemical-free: Permits disinfection without the addition of chemicals that generate harmful and carcinogenic byproducts
Unique Processing Method for Highly Durable Bismaleimide Plastic
  • Highly durable: Demonstrates an impact strength of up to 69 kilo joules per square meter—a 392% increase over BMI that did not undergo HSSM processing
  • High-fidelity: Overcomes the typical limitations of BMI without the use of chemical additives
  • Straightforward: Requires only simple, conventional equipment for development