Available Technologies by Category
High-Performance Analog Processor Offers Potential to Expand Capabilities of Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
  • TRAFFIC is the first generalized, high-performance analog finite impulse response processor technology that enables direct throughput processing of RF signals within the RF and microwave spectrums.
  • The device enables multiple-function RF capabilities and significantly reduces the size, weight, and power requirements of RF technologies.
  • TRAFFIC has unique performance benefits that allow it to operate reliably in extreme environments, including high performance across wide temperature ranges and radiation-intense applications.
High-Performance Broadband Photodetector and Power Generator
  • Versatile: Adjusts for several different parameters, including light intensity, switching frequency, and illumination area
  • Efficient: Provides voltage that is easily converted for use through a medium that is small, low cost, and easily fabricated
  • Highly sensitive: Operates with ultra-high light sensitivity, even at very low light intensity, and fast response speeds
High-Precision Cell Membrane Tracking for Automated Electrophysiology
  • Highly accurate: Overcomes the challenges of tissue interference and movement for precise membrane tracking that can be used for automation
  • Instantaneous: Surpasses earlier attempts at automating this process by effectively identifying and tracking cell boundaries in real time
  • High fidelity: Operates efficiently and precisely even in dynamic, high-interference environments
High-Precision Microphone for Body-Worn Devices
  • Wearable small form-factor (micro-chip technology)
  • Increased sensitivity (micro-gravity sensitivity)
  • Large bandwidth (DC to 10kHz) and wide dynamic range (120dB)
High-Precision, Hands-Free Remote Control of Complex Robotic Systems Via Eye Movements
  • This two-camera eye-tracking system (TCES) integrates a commercial eye tracker with machine-learning technology for continuous real-time classification of gaze and eye directions for robotic arm control. 
  • The system provides highly accurate classification for four directions of eye movement and has achieved 99.99% accuracy in studies.
  • Using simple eye movement, the TCES offers low-cost, high-precision control of external devices/hardware for people with disabilities, surgery robots, warehouse systems, construction tools, and more. 
High-Resolution Pressure Sensors with Skin-Like Sensitivity
  • Extremely sensitive: This sensor array provides 1,000x higher sensitivity than other technologies.
  • Improved performance: The technology is fast-responding and stable.
High-Speed Autofocus Interometric Inspection System
  • High-speed
  • Fully noncontact
  • Nondestructive inspection techniques for investigating solder bump and joint integrity
High-Speed Measurement of Weld Penetration Depths
  • A fast, efficient, non-contact, and non-destructive technique for measuring weld penetration depths in thin structures
  • The developed algorithms are computationally efficient, which makes the developed technique suitable for real-time and off-line inspections
  • Can be used with a variety of welding processes
High-Tech Infant Suit for Earlier Detection of Cerebral Palsy
  • Advanced: May allow for earlier detection of motor dysfunctions in order to begin therapeutic interventions as soon as possible
  • Robust: Collects data from three limb segments on the leg for a multifaceted assessment
  • Long-lasting: Uses one power source with regulated voltage in order to prolong the use of the device
High-Throughput MSC Potency Assay to Bring Feasibility to Immune/Inflammatory Therapeutics
  • Reproducibility: The well-defined cellular environment of the device enables a highly reproducible MSC response not observed in 2D cultures.
  • Scalable: The assay’s simplistic design is amendable to cost-effective scale up.  
  • Economical: The low cost of the microfluidic chip and the ease of implementing the assay into existing cell therapy manufacturing practices provide for low costs to enter the market.
Highly Effective Motion Capture Marker for Small Aerial Robots
  • Robust: Improves the reliability and accuracy of the motion capture measurement by eliminating excessive reflection
  • Easy to use: Consists of only a miniature driver circuit and illumination stripe while requiring a simple plug-in power supply to operate
  • Lightweight: Accommodates small robots with limited payload capacity—total weight of an active marker is approximately 1 gram
Highly Efficient Electrically Conductive Adhesives
  • The developed approach offers many advantages such as reduced materials cost
  • Low processing temperature
  • Compatible with low cost, flexible substrates such as paper and PET
Highly Efficient, Durable Cathodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)
  • More stable: The technique used enhances cathode durability while maintaining the high-kinetic electrode structure
  • Stackable: The cathode design is suitable for implementation in a fuel cell stack
  • Fast: The combination of nanoparticles and conformal coatings provides increased reaction sites and rapid transport paths
Highly Sensitive Standoff Gas Sensing Using Carbon Nanotubes
  • Extremely sensitive gas sensor based on the change in resonant frequency of circuit caused by interaction of gas molecules with carbon nanotubes
  • CNTs can be functionalized to detect one or more analytes with high specificity
  • Sensor can be manufactured using inkjet printing technologies to reduce costs
Hybrid Extrusion and Coating Technology
  • The technology provides dynamic, in-process patterning that will benefit the mass production of layer-based thin film devices
  • This new approach allows for a purely additive approach to making layer-based devices and does not require an additional subtractive step
  • The integration of CAD into the system allows for making complex patterns
Hybrid Meta-Surfaces for Active, Non-Volatile Light Manipulation
  • Fast: Enables highly dense pixels with fast (nanosecond) switching capability
  • Scalable: Can be fabricated with features down to nanometer sizes; the overall device can incorporate several meta-surfaces with different features over a large-size wafer
  • Agile: Offers high switching robustness (up to 1012 cycles)
Hybrid Molecular Catalysts: A New Blueprint for Catalyst Design, Preparation, and Testing
  • Attachment of molecular catalysts to solid supports can lead to new reactivity not seen under homogeneous conditions
  • At an optimal atomic layer deposition (ALD) layer thickness, the molecular catalyst remains highly active while still being resistant to surface detachment and subsequent deactivation
  • Catalyst separation and recovery achieved via a simple filtering and washing process rather than energy- and time-intensive distillation or re-crystallization processes
  • In addition to the simple filter-and-wash process mentioned above, encapsulation requires only about 10 reaction cycles, making this process technologically and economically viable for large-scale manufacturing
Hybrid Nanowire for Creating Mechanical Energy
  • Increased solar conversion efficiency
  • Fibers increase the surface area of light exposure
Hybrid Triboelectric Nanogenerator Harvests Mechanical and Electrical Energy
  • Sustainable: Harvests energy from the environment to minimize the use of non-renewable materials for power
  • Highly efficient: Exhibits an unprecedented conversion efficiency of 50% to 85%, an area power density of 313 watts per square meter, and a volume power density of 340 kilowatts per cubic meter
  • Powerful: Integrates with several other TENGs for output power of 1 megawatt
Hybrid Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Effective Gas Separation
  • Tunable: Provides a mechanism for adjusting the porosity and functionality of ZIF materials to be used in a range of applications
  • Advanced: Demonstrates significantly higher levels of separation selectivity from molecular mixtures of interest than previous ZIF models
  • Scalable: Holds potential for large-scale CO2 separation in different materials, such as membranes and adsorbents