Available Technologies by Category
Heat-Responsive Programmable T-Cells
  • Specific: The remote programmable nature of these T-cells allows them to be selectively activated only in the necessary locations.
  • Protective: This focused, genetically engineered immunotherapy is intended to protect patients from the additional harm of the off-target cell death and unnecessary systemic damage that is more common with oncological therapeutics.
  • Non-invasive: With NIR light’s ability to penetrate into multiple layers of biological tissue and be absorbed by AuNRs, this technology removes the need for a light source in the body to trigger the T-cells.
Heterogeneous Integration Method for III-Nitride Devices
  • High performance: Enables simple and fast transfer to foreign substrates with an automated pick-and-place technique
  • Compatible: Can be used to transfer devices of any shape and size—from micron to millimeter
  • Efficient: Allows reuse of the growth wafer, lowering production costs
Heterogeneous Interconnect Geometries in Electronic Packages
  • Increased electrical performance of the interconnects
  • Does not compromise mechanical reliability
  • Cost effective
High Data-Rate Wireless Communication
  • Works with any off-the-shelf Wi-Fi radios, requiring minimal or no hardware or firmware changes
  • Works with all frequency bands
  • Backwards-compatible for deployment in existing Wi-Fi network environments
High Strength and High Modulus Carbon Fibers
  • Lighter – Carbon fiber is lighter than metals and exhibits significantly higher strength characteristics
  • Stronger and More Thermally Stabile – Process produces stronger fibers by using new processing techniques
  • Lower Energy Manufacturing – Process does not require ultra-high temperature for heat treatment of fibers
High Throughput Spectrometer
  • Low cost – decrease in the number of components decreases cost
  • Compact – decrease in the number of components decreases size
  • High resolution – improvements in hologram recording maintain high resolutions
High-Accuracy, Low-Cost, Low-Power Wireless Tracking Tags
  • Low-cost, ultra-low power wireless tag for real-time asset tracking
  • Passive wireless tag costs less than $1 to manufacture and can operate for several years with maintenance-free operation
  • Compatible with off-the-shelf devices, making it ideal for efficient inventory control in multiple industries
High-Caliber 3D and Aerosol Jet Printing with Regenerated Silk Fibroin (RSF)
  • High fidelity: Preserves silk fibroin’s advantageous mechanical properties by creating a printable RSF solution without the need for chemical additives
  • High quality: Identifies the optimum parameters for producing printed patterns with minimal flaws
  • Efficient: Reduces obstacles (e.g., clogged nozzle and overspray) normally encountered in other processes, like inkjet printing
High-Frequency AIN-on-Silicon Resonant Square Gyroscopes
  • Low-cost –  Straightforward manufacturing process reduces cost and complexity
  • Higher frequency operation – Realizes higher frequency of operation for resonant gyroscopes and provides higher rotation rate sensitivity
High-Performance Analog Processor Offers Potential to Expand Capabilities of Radio Frequency (RF) Systems
  • TRAFFIC is the first generalized, high-performance analog finite impulse response processor technology that enables direct throughput processing of RF signals within the RF and microwave spectrums.
  • The device enables multiple-function RF capabilities and significantly reduces the size, weight, and power requirements of RF technologies.
  • TRAFFIC has unique performance benefits that allow it to operate reliably in extreme environments, including high performance across wide temperature ranges and radiation-intense applications.
High-Performance Broadband Photodetector and Power Generator
  • Versatile: Adjusts for several different parameters, including light intensity, switching frequency, and illumination area
  • Efficient: Provides voltage that is easily converted for use through a medium that is small, low cost, and easily fabricated
  • Highly sensitive: Operates with ultra-high light sensitivity, even at very low light intensity, and fast response speeds
High-Precision Cell Membrane Tracking for Automated Electrophysiology
  • Highly accurate: Overcomes the challenges of tissue interference and movement for precise membrane tracking that can be used for automation
  • Instantaneous: Surpasses earlier attempts at automating this process by effectively identifying and tracking cell boundaries in real time
  • High fidelity: Operates efficiently and precisely even in dynamic, high-interference environments
High-Precision Microphone for Body-Worn Devices
  • Wearable small form-factor (micro-chip technology)
  • Increased sensitivity (micro-gravity sensitivity)
  • Large bandwidth (DC to 10kHz) and wide dynamic range (120dB)
High-Precision, Hands-Free Remote Control of Complex Robotic Systems Via Eye Movements
  • This two-camera eye-tracking system (TCES) integrates a commercial eye tracker with machine-learning technology for continuous real-time classification of gaze and eye directions for robotic arm control. 
  • The system provides highly accurate classification for four directions of eye movement and has achieved 99.99% accuracy in studies.
  • Using simple eye movement, the TCES offers low-cost, high-precision control of external devices/hardware for people with disabilities, surgery robots, warehouse systems, construction tools, and more. 
High-Resolution Pressure Sensors with Skin-Like Sensitivity
  • Extremely sensitive: This sensor array provides 1,000x higher sensitivity than other technologies.
  • Improved performance: The technology is fast-responding and stable.
High-Speed Autofocus Interometric Inspection System
  • High-speed
  • Fully noncontact
  • Nondestructive inspection techniques for investigating solder bump and joint integrity
High-Speed Measurement of Weld Penetration Depths
  • A fast, efficient, non-contact, and non-destructive technique for measuring weld penetration depths in thin structures
  • The developed algorithms are computationally efficient, which makes the developed technique suitable for real-time and off-line inspections
  • Can be used with a variety of welding processes
High-Tech Infant Suit for Earlier Detection of Cerebral Palsy
  • Advanced: May allow for earlier detection of motor dysfunctions in order to begin therapeutic interventions as soon as possible
  • Robust: Collects data from three limb segments on the leg for a multifaceted assessment
  • Long-lasting: Uses one power source with regulated voltage in order to prolong the use of the device
High-Throughput MSC Potency Assay to Bring Feasibility to Immune/Inflammatory Therapeutics
  • Reproducibility: The well-defined cellular environment of the device enables a highly reproducible MSC response not observed in 2D cultures.
  • Scalable: The assay’s simplistic design is amendable to cost-effective scale up.  
  • Economical: The low cost of the microfluidic chip and the ease of implementing the assay into existing cell therapy manufacturing practices provide for low costs to enter the market.
Highly Effective Motion Capture Marker for Small Aerial Robots
  • Robust: Improves the reliability and accuracy of the motion capture measurement by eliminating excessive reflection
  • Easy to use: Consists of only a miniature driver circuit and illumination stripe while requiring a simple plug-in power supply to operate
  • Lightweight: Accommodates small robots with limited payload capacity—total weight of an active marker is approximately 1 gram