Available Technologies by Category
Real-Time Mobilization of Computer Software Applications
  • Comprehensive: Overcomes speed, traffic, and interface limitations of basic remote computing
  • Resourceful: Allows for seamless function without a high data usage burden
  • Efficient: Applies unique transformation services to accelerate and enhance the user’s mobilized application experiences
AwareSite Proximity Safety Sensing System for Construction and Other Work Sites
  • Improved work safety and efficiency: Not only are accidents prevented when workers and equipment operators are alerted that they are crossing set safety boundaries, their proximity and movement data are also stored in the cloud and can be used to analyze work patterns that could improve safety, work process efficiency, and more.
  • Low-cost and flexible hardware: The system uses inexpensive custom PPU devices but can also be paired with workers’ personal smartphones for connecting to the system.
  • User friendly and reliable: System setup and operation is simple. Beacons use Bluetooth® low-energy technology and can last more than one year without changing batteries.
7970, 7971
Advance Warning System for Improved Safety in Roadway Work Zones
  • Enhanced safety: Rather than relying on impact-activated devices, the system issues real-time warnings as soon as the perimeter is breached, providing more time for workers to react and get to safety.
  • Portable and changeable: The system can be easily moved or adjusted to accommodate changes to the work zone during the day.
  • Smart analytics: Analysis of intrusion data helps pinpoint areas within the work zone that are more susceptible to breaches, enabling more effective and efficient security.
Rapid Mobilization of Essential Enterprise Applications
  • Rapid: Significantly reduces time needed to mobilize an enterprise application as compared to conventional mobilization solutions
  • Cost-efficient: Leverages a cloud-based, codeless platform that saves on both time and budget
  • Flexible: Demonstrates potential to efficiently provide mobile functionality for a wide variety of applications necessary for business operations
Skin-Conformal Wearable Stress Monitor Delivers Greater Precision and Continuous, Wireless Monitoring with Comfort and Flexibility
  • All-in-one: The personal adhesive bandage-like single device platform offers wireless, multi-data sensing by simply mounting it on the skin.
  • Disposable: This wearable device is fully disposable after the use and the measured data can be simply sent to the cloud via a tablet or smartphone app.
  • Compact: The unique, thin design of this bioelectric device is one-sixth the volume of current market offerings—weighing less than 7 g, including its rechargeable battery.
Using Smart Macros to Optimize User Actions on Smartphones
  • Improves user experience: Provides near-desktop level experience for the mobile phone environment
  • Easy to use: Reduces user burden by presenting programmable macros in a simple and user-friendly manner
  • Causes minimum overhead: Does not contain any process that degrades the remote desktop performance because of high requirements for the central processing unit (CPU) or memory
Super Aggregation: Multihoming for Wireless Devices
  • Performance-improving: Improves the aggregate performance of multiple heterogeneous wireless interfaces used simultaneously compared to the performance each could achieve on its own  
  • Proven: Indicates TCP acceleration achieved in wireless data networks when tested on two mobile platforms, including a laptop computer and an Android mobile phone
  • Impactful: Addresses the performance improvement needs of ubiquitous, widely used mobile technologies
Fully Passive, Long-Range Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) via 5G
  • Large coverage: Provides a unique combination of large angular coverage and turn-on sensitivity in both planar and bent configurations
  • Long range: Demonstrates the potential for RFIDs with practical reading ranges over 1.8 km
  • Scalable: Scales in size to a precise degree, enabling selection of the optimal tradeoff between size and harvested power/reading range
8141, 8439
Smart Webcam Shield Protects Users from Unknown External Digital Intrusion
  • Secure: Offers visual obstruction of the webcam even when remote software attempts to record without triggering the computer’s LED indicator  
  • Reliable: Automates the webcam safeguard for ongoing protection without reliance on user engagement
  • Flexible: Enables two different actuators via the same sensor
Adaptive Broadband Impedance Matching in Ultrasound Front-End Electronics
  • High performance: Improves power transfer and acoustic reflectivity
  • Flexible: Enables multimodal and tunable operation of CMUTs
  • Efficient: Provides optimal matching for co-design of CMUT electronics
Purely Passive Radio-Frequency Identification
  • Powerful: Projected to support energy harvesting sensors at distances over 100 meters from readers and/or radio transmission sources
  • Efficient: Enables conversion of RF energy at higher efficiency and at higher output voltages than current electronic energy harvesting methods
  • Widely applicable: May advance RFID applications in a wide range of fields including computing, sensing, and communication
IMUTube: Converting Videos of Human Activity into Virtual IMU Data Streams
  • Automated: Automates wearable sensor data collection, which can in turn be used to train HAR models by simply giving them access to large-scale video repositories
  • Accurate: Demonstrated recognition accuracy in some cases comparable to models trained only with non-virtual (“real”) sensor data in benchmark studies
  • Superior: Outperformed models using real sensor data alone by adding only small amounts of real sensor data to the virtual sensor dataset in benchmark studies
Miniaturized Modular-Array Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Powerful: Offers high fluorescence sensitivity, efficiency, and spatiotemporal resolution (~3 µm and up to 60 Hz)
  • Configurable: Offers compatibility with conventional cell culture assays and physiological imaging, providing accessibility to upright physiological imaging and integration with biochemical sensors under the cell platform
  • Efficient: Provides effective parallelization of multi-site data acquisition
Post-Processing Side Chain Cleavage to Enhance Conjugated Polymers
  • Advanced: Can increase electrical conductivity of doped polymer films by tenfold while decreasing the Seebeck coefficient from 46 μV/K to 18 μV/K, resulting in a doubling in thermoelectric power factor
  • Robust: Demonstrates an increase in both in-plane and through-plane thermal conductivity upon hydrolysis
  • Best-in-Class: Surpasses the S/cm value of any currently reported oligoether/glycol-based CP system
Sustainable Combination Technology Delivers a Long-Lasting Self-Powered Battery
  • Continuous: Regulates power harvested in the presence of constant mechanical motion to store excess energy while pushing a constant voltage to the external load
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces the need for consumers and technology developers to utilize supply-limited traditional batteries that are thrown away after a short use and could leak harmful chemicals into the environment
  • Sustainable: Eliminates the need to mine an additional power supply by harvesting energy from underutilized electrostatic induction found in naturally occurring mechanical motion
Zeolite Membrane Sieves Fabricated on Low-Cost Alumina Hollow Fiber Substrates
  • High performance: Enables lower-cost, scalable, membrane-based molecular separation
  • Convenient: Can form a standalone complete separation or reduce bottlenecks in conventional separation processes
8080, 8167
A First-of-its-Kind Power Amplifier-Based Network for Efficient Broadband Operations
  • Unmatched: Provides first-of-its-kind broadband performance with 26-41 GHz instantaneous 1 dB power gain bandwidth and 25.8-41.3 GHz instantaneous P1dB output power bandwidth—both of which far out-perform currently available techniques
  • Simplified: Sidesteps the need for any tuning or reconfiguration while still providing best-in-class broadband performance
  • Efficient: Significantly improves power amplifier back-off and average efficiency with two efficiency peaks and deep power back-off (12 dB), and maintains better than 38% power-added efficiency at P1dB
8158, 8159
Flight Control System for Miniature Aerial Robots
  • Lightweight: Features a core electronics board that weighs less than half a gram
  • Flexible: Contains a core electronics board that can be conveniently reprogrammed for expanded functionality
  • Compact: Offers a small form factor with an area of about 2 square centimeters
Drive Belt with Surface Texture to Minimize Vibrations
  • Effective: Demonstrated significant reduction in vibration compared with flat, untextured belt surfaces in preliminary testing 
  • Simple: Provides a straightforward and easy-to-implement solution to a widespread problem 
  • Economical: Offers a far less expensive means of maintaining the operation of machinery compared with replacing worn belts or employing complex tension systems
Improve the Reliability of Quantum Computers by Mitigating Measurements Errors
  • Increased reliability by 2-3x: Some current quantum computers have average measurement error rates ranging from 6%–8%, with worst case rates ranging from 25%–30%. Georgia Tech’s methods improve measurement fidelity by 2–3x.  
  • Improved usability: Implementation of the EDM uses the top-four mappings produced by the underlying mapping policy.
  • Proactive: Using AIM to predict the state that is being measured and the error rate profile of the machine, the predicted state can be proactively mapped to the strongest state using a specifically designed inversion string.
8207, 8208