Available Technologies by Category
Pulse Width Modulated Periodic Backflush
  • Cheaper – Extends the usable lifespan of filters
  • More Efficient – Improves recovery percentage by an average of 8.4-fold
  • Versatile – Can be applied to both biological and non-biological systems
Pulse Shaping for Radio Frequency Identification Tags
  • Enables the same form of low-power communication mechanism via reflection instead of radiation
  • Smaller bandwidth occupancy, thus increasing number of devices being able to communicate in a portion of the spectrum.
  • Denser tag/node/sensor/transponder deployments while still adhering to FCC regulations can be achieved
Pterin-Based Hydroxylation of Aromatic Monomers
  • Could provide substantial high value intermediates
  • Enzymatic catalysis is more energy efficient, yields less (industrial type) waste than chemically based methods
  • Higher level of precision than most chemical reactions
Proton Conducting Polymer Membranes
  • High proton conductivity
  • Thermal stability 
  • Strong mechanical properties
Protecting Cache Memories from Eviction-Based Attacks
  • Robust to attacks – tolerates years of continuous eviction-based attacks
  • Negligible slowdown – creates an miniscule slowdown of 1%
  • Storage efficient – requires a storage overhead of less than 100 bytes for new structures
Prosthetic Anterior Cruciate Ligament
  • Simpler - Simplifies the operation
  • Safer - Prevents unnecessary damage and morbidity at a donor site
  • Readily available - Obviate need for harvest procedure
PROGNOS: A Web-based Tool for Designing Engineered Nucleases
  • Algorithm specifically prepared to search entire genomes to identify off-target cleavage sites and design optimal primers for TALENs and ZFNs
  • Available as a simple, user-friendly web-based tool; no extraordinary bioinformatics or biochemical skill required
  • Capable of analyzing TALEN and ZFN sequences targeting human, rat, mouse, zebrafish, arabidopsis, yeast, D melanogaster,
6047, 6058
Privacy-Preserving Remote Biometric Authentication
  • Protective: Designed to eliminate privacy concerns associated with databases of people’s faces
  • Flexible: Supports various biometrics, including face, voice, iris, fingerprint, and gait
  • Remote authentication: Eliminates the need to always possess the enrollment device
Predictive Maintenance System for Large-Scale Operations Offers Potential for Significant Cost Savings
  • Consistent workflow improvements: Offers repeatable and consistent enterprise-level improvements to the maintenance workflow.  
  • Proactive readiness: Improves maintenance scheduling, allowing for improved logistics, scheduling, virtual kitting, and part/component availability. 
  • Customizable: Customers can build and tailor their PMx solutions according to their needs, providing increased data control and an alternative to costly and limited solutions.
Precision Needle Positioning Robotic System for MRI Guided Injection
  • Increased accuracy — robot capable of less than 100 micron accuracy
  • Increased speed — faster targeting of injection locations
Powered Bilateral Knee Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation of Children and Adults
  • Lightweight: Uses one of the lightest available electromechanical actuators—just 0.5 kg—along with a mere 1.5 kg for the exoskeleton assembly
  • Back-drivable: Lowers the mechanical effort involved in back driving with a single-stage actuator
  • Efficient: Reduces battery consumption compared with existing systems
Power Optimized Waveform
  • Range – greater wireless power range
  • Efficiency – greater wireless power efficiency
  • Reliability – increased wireless power reliability
Power Generation via Traveling Domains
  • Improved methods and circuits for generating millimeter-wave oscillations
  • High-speed microwave data links
Post-Processing Side Chain Cleavage to Enhance Conjugated Polymers
  • Advanced: Can increase electrical conductivity of doped polymer films by tenfold while decreasing the Seebeck coefficient from 46 μV/K to 18 μV/K, resulting in a doubling in thermoelectric power factor
  • Robust: Demonstrates an increase in both in-plane and through-plane thermal conductivity upon hydrolysis
  • Best-in-Class: Surpasses the S/cm value of any currently reported oligoether/glycol-based CP system
Portable, Reusable, Micropower Radiation Monitors Provide Real-Time Assessment of Radiation Risk
  • Innovative radiation detection system provides real-time, on-demand, micropower detection in a versatile design.
  • The device materials offer higher conductivity (mobility) than silicon, resulting in reduced power needs (i.e., requiring power only during read-out).
  • Selection and layering of channel and gate materials enables tuning devices for different radiation types.
Portable Multi-Parameter Cancer Diagnostic Tool
  • Powerful: Simultaneously measures multiple tissue parameters to determine electro-thermo-mechanical properties
  • Disposable: Uses single-use biochip components to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Versatile: Uses a variety of other micromotion-capable actuators and extends to other manufacturing techniques and different length scales
Poroelastic Solutions for Spherical-Tip Indentation
  • Robust: Provides a rigorous theoretical base that takes into account poroelastic coupling and the effects of Poisson’s ratio as well as the compressibility of both fluid and solid phases on force relaxation
  • Intelligent: Can be used with sensors and processors to automatically direct an indentation tool and record pertinent data
  • Flexible: Accommodates both permeable and impermeable indentation tools
Polymer-Polymer Fiber Composite for High Thermal Conductivity
  • Better mechanical properties – Process creates polymeric resin that is stronger and tougher than current methods
  • Easier to process – Polymers are easier to make and process than metal materials
  • Tunable electrical capabilities – Can be made as conducting or insulating
Polymer-Based Removal of Pollutants from Contact Lenses
  • Effective: Removes large-particle pollutants as effectively as traditional cleaning solutions, and removes smaller pollutants and microplastics with significantly higher efficacy
  • Robust: Utilizes an elastic polymer that enables contact force between two elastic materials to do the work of removing particles of any size
  • Safe: Eliminates the need for soaking and rubbing removal methods that may tear or damage contact lenses
Polymer Wrapping of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
  • Scalable – process can be easily scaled up to enable commercial applications
  • Flexible – PMMA wrap can be applied through a  variety of processing conditions
  • Removable – helical wrap allows PMMA to be removed without damaging nanotube