Available Technologies by Category
Safe and Effective von Willebrand factor (VWF) Therapeutic to Prevent Arterial Thrombi
  • Using anti-von Willebrand factor (VWF) agent has the potential to be safer and much more effective for preventing the formation of arterial thrombi.
  • Low doses of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) have been shown to reduce the rate of platelet aggregation, while higher doses completely prevented platelet aggregation.
  • Uses the safe, Federal Drug Administration–approved drug NAC that has a known safety profile.
Rubber Encapsulated Pressure Sensor for Contact Sensing
  • Controllable design for tunable force response
  • Force and pressure sensor characteristics can be easily tailored
  • Protected pressure sensor from high forces and pressures
Root-Inspired Ground Anchor
  • Improved performance: Provides higher capacity with shorter installation length, as compared with linear ground anchors or foundations piles
  • Robust: Increases resistance to mechanical shearing in the soil around the anchor
  • Increased stability: Resists axial, torsional, and moment loads
Robotically Steerable Guidewire for Improved Vascular Intervention
  • Robotic: Provides operational improvement of guidewire navigation to facilitate catheter placement by employing robotics, while most other commercially available guidewires lack active steering capability
  • Versatile: Controls the guidewire bending angle and also adjusts the bending length of the joint, increasing the capabilities of the guidewire and accommodating varied vasculature geometries
  • Flexible: Can be extended to multiple bending sections and degrees of freedom, in stark contrast to passive guidewires that offer clinicians very limited degrees of freedom
  • Advanced: Uses a unique smart virtual assistant with a voice interaction model that generates natural conversation to filter out robocalls
  • Robust: Blocks robocalls that other methods may miss, such as those that evade call block lists through caller ID spoofing
  • Unique: Provides the first known system to block mass, evasive, and targeted robocalls using natural, interactive conversation methods rather than relying solely on caller ID and block lists
Ribonucleotide-Capture Method
  • Enables the mapping of precise-genome wide positions of rNMPs incorporated in genomic DNA
  • Results in sensitive and specific identification and mapping of rNMPs
  • Could be used for further understanding of the biological implication and consequences of rNMP incorporation in DNA
RFID Security
  • Dynamic security — keys are constantly refreshed so even if a given key is compromised, the breach is only temporary
  • Limiting — hackers ability to access RFID from a distance
RF-Carrier Embedded Optical Radio-Signal
  • Preserves the phase-lock loop and local oscillator (LO). The pure RF carrier is a frequency source to down-convert the incoming signals at the intermediate frequency (IF), where it can be easily modulated by a low-frequency optical modulator.
  • Frequency, phase and amplitude of the incoming signals are preserved at the IF band, since the RF carrier is spontaneously synchronized with the original source.
  • The detector linearity is improved since the two pure optical carriers have more power compare to the optical data band.
Reversible Doping of Semiconductor Films for Electronics
  • Effective – Reduction in film’s electrical resistance
  • Scalable – Can control doping of large or small-scale bulk materials
  • Simplified – Allows for stacking of organic semiconductor layers without cross-linking the layers
Retrieving 3D Information for Probe Microscopy
  • Can isolate the central region of a diffraction spot from its respective fringes
  • Creates ideal diffraction patterns
Resonators for Temperature-Stable Oscillators
  • Reduced motional resistance – by using the distributed arrangement for the mode shape
  • Performance scaling –added design freedom of the resonator
  • Compatibility –no dimensional constraints
Reprocessing, Recycling, and Repairing Covalent Adaptable Network Polymers
  • Environmentally friendly: Recycles fibers and polymers without the use of supercritical chemicals (e.g., acids) 
  • Effective: Allows for pressure-free surface repair and welding 
  • Efficient: Reclaims fibers and polymer with the same mechanical properties as fresh material for use in new products
Replaceable Heart Valve Prosthesis
  • Repeatable- method may be repeated multiple times
  • Versatile- mechanism may substitute more than one valve  
  • Lower-cost
REMS Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
  • Low cost – decreases expenses by being compatible with existing UHF or microwave passive RFID integrated circuits
  • Precise – because an RFID readers filters out unmodulated scatter components, an RFID-based REMS sensor is more precise
  • Allows passive interrogation of the sensor
Reinvented Toilet Technologies
  • Self-contained: Requires no plumbing or sewerage
  • Ecological: Reduces the use of clean drinking water in sewerage processes, as well as the energy and infrastructure required for modern wastewater treatment and disposal
  • Forward-looking: Could provide non-sewered locations with a much-needed sanitation solution, while potentially addressing ecological threats (water use, air and waterborne pathogens, etc.)
8592, 8593, 8594, 8595, 8596, 8597, 8917, 8996
Reducing Vibration During Engine Start
  • Uses a linear combination of constant and time-varying components to tailor the torque profile provided by the EM
  • Results suggest a promising and straightforward technique for reducing vibrations during ICE starting/restarting
  • Improve drive-ability and the overall driving experience, resulting in increased consumer acceptance of HEVs
Reducing Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma Patients Without Drugs or Surgery via a Simple Hydrogel Injection
  • Hydrogel injections alleviate elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) with fast results and extended impact. 
  • Surgery-free approach eliminates the risk of tissue damage caused by a surgical incision or laser application.
  • Simplified and effective treatment process from standard daily drug intake to a brief office visit only once every 4-6 months.
Reduced Cyanine Dyes
  • Simple Synthesis - Easy one-step synthesis from commercially available cyanine dyes
  • Dependable - Exceptional sensitivity
  • Versatile - High stability and wide range wavelength tunability
Recyclable Organic Solar Cells on Cellulose Nanocrystal Substrates
  • Solar cells are recyclable through a low-energy process at room temperature
  • CNC substrates are fully biodegradable and made of renewable sources such as wood
  • CNC substrates have ideal optical and morphological properties combining high transparency with a very low roughness
Recovery Strategy for Carbon Dioxide and Solvents
  • High quality - superior quality lignin produced that is sufficient for chemicals, pulp, and paper
  • Useful - aids in isolating lignin and recovering and concentrating carbon dioxide