Available Technologies by Category
Superluminescent Light Projection (SLP) System Decreases Nanoscale Printing Costs by 10–50 Times
  • This superluminescent light projection (SLP) system decreases overall nanoscale printing costs by 10–50 times. 
  • A parallel writing mechanism supports higher throughput speeds: up to 100 times higher than existing metal printing methods and four times higher than existing polymer printing methods. 
  • SLP creates sharp-edged images with minimal speckling patterns, resulting in high-resolution images and structures on both polymer and metal-based films. 
Superior Supercapacitors
  • High performance: Achieves average energy densities as high as 90 Wh/Kg
  • Scalable: Leverages a low-cost PAN fabrication process that dramatically increases surface area
  • Widely applicable: Demonstrates potential for advances in a variety of energy storage and capacitive water desalination applications
Super-resolution microscope for 3D cell and tissue imaging
  • The technology facilitates super-resolution cell and tissue imaging with multiple colors.
  • The technology provides easy access to commonly adopted protocols, which has an expected wide usage.
  • 3D multifocal scanning microscopy facilitates stationary, multi-focal excitation, thus achieving super-resolution microscopy.
Super-Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Beads for Collection of Biofluid Samples
  • Fast: Accommodates preloading of specimen collection tubes and completes absorption of analytical targets within a few minutes of fluid collection
  • Low cost: Employs economical materials and eliminates the need for refrigeration of samples while also lowering the weight of samples for transport
  • Easy to use: Avoids the need for filtration, centrifugation, or pipetting and the associated equipment for such tasks
Super Aggregation: Multihoming for Wireless Devices
  • Performance-improving: Improves the aggregate performance of multiple heterogeneous wireless interfaces used simultaneously compared to the performance each could achieve on its own  
  • Proven: Indicates TCP acceleration achieved in wireless data networks when tested on two mobile platforms, including a laptop computer and an Android mobile phone
  • Impactful: Addresses the performance improvement needs of ubiquitous, widely used mobile technologies
Submersible Water Activity Meter (SWAM)
  • Submersion allows rapid determination of water activity (aw) levels onsite, without returning samples to a bench-top aw system in a lab
  • In-situ measurement capabilities can inform other kinds of sampling decisions very rapidly, allowing discretionary sample collection
  • Membrane is permeable to water vapor but not liquid water, preventing liquid (or other media) from entering the sample volume, reducing contamination and protecting the electronics
Submersible Vehicle Design Based on Biomimicry of Batoids
  • Extended range: This vehicle’s propulsion system does not require refueling, allowing for long range deployments.
  • Nearly silent: Its limited use of mechanical components reduces the acoustic signature.
  • Highly maneuverable: Scalable system provides three-dimensional maneuvering capabilities
Stretchable Electronic Materials and Devices
  • Process is a readily implemented approach
  • Films can be stretched by 100% with retention of their high charge carrier mobility
  • Fabrication can be done with commercially available materials
Streamlined Hematology Analysis for Point-of-Care Settings
  • Streamlined: Enables testing in point-of-care settings without complex procedures and specially trained personnel
  • Highly accurate: Offers a spatial resolution higher than current methods due to the shorter wavelength of UV light
  • Cost-effective: Saves on reagents, complex equipment costs, and time-intensive processes without compromising diagnostic quality
Streamlined Combination Analysis by FORECAST Accurately Predicts and Identifies Pending Malware Attacks
  • Automating the combined techniques of memory forensics and symbolic analysis accelerates how fast an enterprise or government becomes aware of the true extent of malware’s capabilities.
  • When countering cyberattacks, FORECAST provides improved accuracy (94%, overall) with its automated analysis, which is crucial to helping cybersecurity efforts to efficiently focus on high-impact solutions.
  • FORECAST has the flexibility to be a valuable incidence response tool, even when malware is fileless since it uses the software’s memory image to accurately predict the program’s capabilities.
Storage Media for Determining Optimal Respiratory Treatment
  • Automatically determines optimal radiation therapy treatment phase
  • Enables higher, more effective radiation dosage amounts
  • Minimizes unnecessary radiation to normal surrounding tissues
Stiffness Trimming of High Q MEMS Clocks and Oscillators
  • High resolution stiffness trimming of high-Q Lame mode silicon resonators
  • Stable frequency characteristics of Ge-coated Si resonators at high processing temperatures
  • Achieves trimming without introducing any damping throughout process
Steerable and Flexible Robotic Endoscopic Tool with Instrument-Changing System
  • Flexible: Offers multiple tendon-driven degrees of freedom and is designed to enable the surgeon to avoid obstacles within the workspace
  • Simplifies instrument changes: Includes three instrument stations with a motorized shaft to allow insertion into or retraction from the working channel(s) without leaving the surgical field
  • Reduces procedure time: Demonstrates potential to improve procedure efficiency and patient safety by reducing procedure time
Standoff Detection of Nuclear Materials
  • Air-ionization measurement, molecular resonance, excitation and fluorescence
  • Remote (LIDAR) probing/detection of inaccessible (or hidden) radiation sources
  • On-site (Direct) ionization detection/monitoring  (Ionized air pump) of radiation materials
Stackable Isolated Voltage Optimization Module
  • Provides the ability to boost or buck the voltage of in one phase of  a three phase circuit without affecting the corresponding phase angle
  • Enables autonomous operation and control 
Stable and Durable Polymer Materials
  • Resistant – Processed PIMs last longer in solvents than unprocessed PIMs
  • Increased Stability – Infiltration processing decreases aging time and increases durability
  • Tunable – Broad range of possible interactions with guest molecules
Spin-Coated Polymer Collars Prevent Solder Wicking
  • Extend product lifespan: Increasing the stability of the contact between socket paddles and the Au surface allows for the BGAs to be in use longer
  • Stability: Adding the mechanical reinforcement of the polymer collars allows for stronger thermodynamically stable solder joints
  • Simple manufacturing: Spin coating the polymer onto the package is a simple manufacturing process.
Spatial Tracking of Catheters in Interventional MRI
  • Increased safety — eradicates RF induced heating while providing position of catheters in the body during iMRI procedures
  • Simultaneous measurements — offers temperature measurements, orientation, and other parameters
Solution-Based 3D Printing
  • Innovative- processes polymers than cannot be processed by existing additive manufacturing techniques
  • Improved product performance- polymers in target applications are improved via installation of structural complexity
  • Progressing current methods- existing structures in additive manufacturing can be improved through use of thermally/chemically robust polymers
Solar Cell Manufacturing Technique Increases Efficiency and Lowers Costs
  • This double-side polysilicon/silicon oxide TOPCon (tunnel oxide passivated contact) solar cell concept provides a simple and low-cost way to passivate front and back surfaces of silicon wafers to enhance efficiency.
  • Provides current and voltage comparable to full-area double-side TOPCon but with no appreciable absorption in front polysilicon and without compromising short circuit current density
  • Includes a novel and fast way to pattern polysilicon using laser-induced selective oxidation