Available Technologies by Category
Method for VM Monitoring Using Hardware Virtualization
  • More efficient — at least 10 times performance improvement between switching to a monitor inside SIM and switching to a monitor residing in another trusted VM
  • Expandable — new security applications can be built
Method for Treatment of Pathologies
  • Fast - activity is immediate (within 2 hours)
  • Easy to use - applied to nasal sprays or skin patches
  • Safe – less immunogenic
Method for Preconcentration and Capture of Target Bacteria
  • Offers an inexpensive and rapid method for sample pre-concentration to improve food safety assays
  • Provides enhanced mixing and a high probability of target bacteria capture
  • Enables detection of low concentrations of target bacteria
Method for Packaging Advanced Sensors and Electronics
  • High volume — device can be used for simultaneous sensing of thousands of proteins or nucleic acid sequences
  • Cheaper — utilizes low cost wafer-scale semiconductor manufacturing technologies
  • Versatile — can be used for many chemical and biochemical sensors
Method for Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Procedures
  • Minimally invasive: heart valve repair system breakdown allows for a smoother process
  • Futuristic: eliminates the need for cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Reduced risk: intends a lower mortality rate during procedure
Method for Measuring Quality of Dielectric Liquids
  • Broad applications — can be used for any system that uses weakly-electrolytic fluid
  • Low cost — more accurate results prevent premature fluid changes
  • Efficient — highly sensitive measurements in very short time periods
Method for Making Thermally Conductive Materials
  • Property tuning capability
  • Improved surface wettability and electrical conductivity which improved alignment of polymer chains
  • Increased thermal capability
Method for Intracochlear and Vestibular Magnetic Stimulation
  • Provides hearing- magnetic fields couple with auditory neurons to produce excitation perceived by the brain was a sound signal
  • Better sound quality- more precise frequency resolution produces better sound quality
  • More reliable signal and decreased sound quality degradation- intervening tissues between array and auditory neurons are no longer a carrier for signals, which will prevent attenuation signal interference
Method for Imaging Mass Spectrometry
  • Precise – Method allows for automatic, precise control of molecule deposition
  • Scalable – Deposition method can be done on large or multiple samples
  • Solvent-Free – Improved imaging quality by eliminating solvent in deposition
Method For Converting Solar and Waste Heat into Usable Energy
  • Cost effective - Efficiently converts readily available solar/waste heat to energy without the need for optical concentrators or tall turbine towers.
  • Scalable - Multiple turbines can be arranged to harvest power across a vast area.
  • Sustainable - Capturing readily available solar and industrial waste heat is renewable and green.
Method for Clinical T-Cell Expansion
  • Higher cell densities
  • Protection from high shear production environments
  • Reduced initial and operating cost
Method and Detection System for Film Thin Waveguides
  • Enables label free detection of target compounds
  • Thin-film
Metasurface Enables Rapid, Sensitive, and Low-Cost Permittivity Characterization of Dielectric Materials at Radio Frequencies
  • Characterize complex permittivity of dielectric materials at radio frequencies quickly and at lower cost than with existing techniques. 
  • The electronically reconfigurable system allows integration of active electronics for tunability and eliminates the need for several masks to achieve the needed bandwidth.
  • Measure individual frequencies by swapping out only the metasurfaces, which can be used on a wide range of sample thicknesses.
Metal Derived Metal-Organic Frameworks
  • Water stable – unique morphology provided distinct water-stable MOFs compared to previous synthesis techniques
  • High yield – MOF crystals are attained after a 12 hour reaction period
  • Reusable – captured gas can be removed and MOF can be reused
Metal Compounds for Use in Electronics
  • Potential for strong intermolecular overlap
  • Low reorganization energies
  • Tunability of redox potential
Messenger RNA–Based Expression of Cardiomyocyte Phenotype Sensors and Differentiating Genes for In Vitro Correction of Cardiac Disorders
  • This invention uses a gene therapy as a direct treatment for symptomatic bradyarrhythmia and removes the needs for implantation of electronic pacemakers.
  • The innovation does not lead to spillover to the liver, spleen and lungs; allows for mRNA gene transfer to stay focal to the injection site; and does not have danger of integration into the host’s DNA.
  • The new gene therapy could be used as first-line treatment of arrhythmias and consequent ailments and to circumvent the need for major surgical interventions.
Messenger Ribonucleic Acid (mRNA)–Based Opsin Expression Enables New and Safer Optogenetic Studies
  • Opsin expression using messenger RNA (mRNA) provides an alternative to viral vectors for use in optogenetic studies involving neurons as well as drug testing with cardiomyocytes.
  • Expression with mRNAs has lower toxicity and is usually detectable within 2–24 hours rather than 2–3 weeks.
  • The controllable and temporary nature of mRNA offers improved expression regulation based on the transfection amount.
Melting Microneedle Patches Extend Drug Delivery Applications, Simplify Manufacturing, and Reduce Costs
  • Melting microneedles enable dispersion of both poorly soluble and water-soluble drugs, which eliminates the need for solvents for improved stabilization and broader applications.
  • Melting microneedles shorten manufacturing and drying time, eliminate the need to maintain a cold chain for storage and transportation, and reduce the ultimate cost of the microneedle patch.
  • The safe suppository bases are inexpensive and enable control of the drug release timing.
Medical Tubing Solution for Bacteria Prevention
  • Prevent various infections currently impacting patients due to bacteria formation on medical tubes.
  • Solution that can be utilized with existing medical tubes.
  • Does not leach any materials from the tubing surface.
Mechanocatalytic Depolymerization of Plastics
  • A new process for recycling plastics has been created where plastics are broken down simultaneously by mechanical and catalytical forces.
  • This chemical recycling has less economic costs, produces less wastes, and allows for an increase in the number of different types of plastics that can be recycled.
  • The process also provides a convenient solution as it is highly scalable, requires less volumes of catalysts, and can be fueled by electronic and renewable energies.