Available Technologies by Category
Novel Chemical Compounds Support Excess Copper Removal in Biological Systems
  • Powerful: Displays an affinity for copper that is unprecedented among synthetic ligands, with a complex stability constant of logK = 20.0
  • Specific: Functions without interference by other metals in the body
  • Effective: Possesses a strong copper coordinating ability, even in the complex chemical environments of different biological systems
Noncoding RNA Targets for RNA Interference
  • Novel group of RNA interference targets with utility in basic research and practical applications
  • Non-coding interference RNAs (nciRNAs) offer an efficient mechanism of mortality in eukaryotic cells
  • Highly specific targeting of pests or pathogens
Non-Destructive Quality Control of Automated Weld Processes
  • Eliminates cut checks: Provides a nondestructive method for evaluating weld quality
  • Real-time inspections: Allows for automation of welding operations
  • Goes long: Uses Lamb waves to test welds over a larger area than is possible using higher frequency ultrasound waves
Non-contact vital sign detection
  • Automatically adjusts the feedback signals to suppress the noise when the measurement environment changes
  • Improves SNR by 50% at 50 cm when compared to an unlocked system
  • Detects heartbeat at 250 cm, more than twice the distance of the unlocked system
Non-Aqueous 2D Material-Based Hydrogen Isotope Separation
  • Increased efficiency - reduction of mechanical issues found in existing proton conductors 
  • Increased performance - solid state proton conductor is rigid eliminating concern of flexibility of polymer membranes in existing devices
Next-Generation Flow Battery for Large-Scale Energy Storage at One-Tenth the Cost
  • Higher power density: This design has achieved ultra-high power densities of 630 W/Ldevice (charge) and 170 W/Ldevice (discharge), compared to existing flow battery designs that achieve only 500 W/Ldevice (charge) and 90 W/Ldevice (discharge).
  • Ultra-high current density: The design has achieved current densities of >300 mA/cm3 per device.
  • Dramatically lower cost: The elimination of parts reduces fabrication costs by 90%. Cost is ~$330 rather than ~$4,400.
8284, 8571
Next-Generation Custom-Fit Reusable Mask for Respiratory Protection
  • Aims to eliminate fit-testing: Designed to remove the expensive and time-consuming federal (i.e., OSHA) mandate for annual fit-testing for workplace use
  • Improved fit: Adapts to fit specific facial features, increasing comfort and enhancing efficacy and potentially eliminating face-seal leakage to enhance performance
  • Reusable: Withstands cleaning and decontamination
New Methods of Fabrication for Biosensor Arrays
  • Low manufacturing and operating cost
  • Compatible with multiple standard electrochemical techniques
  • Can be used with CMOS detection chips with multiple chemical detection and/or actuation channels or sites
New Methods for Skin Tissue Engineering: Textile-Based Sandwich Scaffold and CNT-based Electrospun Polymer Composite Yarns
  • Biocompatible: Exhibits good biocompatibility of the yarns fabricated using a wet electrospinning technique (results shown within a limited range of CNT concentration in the bath)
  • Purposeful: Mimics the strain-stiffening behavior of human tissue, unlike other scaffolds that exhibit strain-softening of their synthetic materials
  • Demonstrated: Exhibits the ability to guide cell anisotropic arrangement as well as support cell proliferation and infiltration in in vitro biological tests
8751, 8752
New Imaging Tool to Compare Healthy and Diseased Cells
  • Discrimination between healthy & diseased cell biology
  • Personalized medicine – specific treatment for an individual
  • Diagnosis of a disease prior to symptoms
New Class of Tissue-Targeting Agents Inhibits Fibrosis, Inflammation, and Cancer Growth
  • Potent: Candidates among these agents are 1,000 times more potent than pirfenidone, the standard treatment of IPF.
  • Specific: The compounds may potentially exhibit tissue-targeting properties for sustained levels at disease sites.
  • Minimal toxicity: Enhanced tissue specificity inhibits inflammation and growth of targeted cancer cells while minimizing off-target effects and toxicity.
Neuromodulation of Vagal Stimulation
  • Enhances anti-inflammatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation
  • Pairs electrical stimulation with kilohertz electrical stimulation nerve block to achieve directional stimulation
  • Quick, reliable anti-inflammatory clinical effects
Near-Real-Time Positioning for Instruments and Tools in Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) and Imaging (MRI)
  • Precise: Extremely precise positioning mechanism enables orientation and control capable of sub-millimeter motions within the MR environment
  • Rapid: Significantly speeds up procedure time over standard MRI and offers wavefield images in near real time
  • High resolution: Uses high-frequency actuation to enable imaging of small, geometrically difficult targets
Nanoparticle-Stabilized Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes for Efficient, Large-Scale Gas Separation
  • Cost efficient: Eliminates the need for the time-consuming process of post-treating precursor fibers in a chemical modifying agent in order to prevent collapse
  • Scalable: Increases available surface area for gas separation to accommodate large-scale applications
  • Adaptable: Allows for selection of the nanoparticles’ concentration and type to meet a desired combination of gas permeance and selectivity
Nanoparticle Modulation of Thrombus Formation
  • Selective: Operates only in high shear blood flow as in a stenosis
  • Improved Safety: Reduces the risk of bleeding complications from slow bleeds
Nanogenerator for Harvesting Energy
  • Compact – Easily used for small electronics
  • Energy saving – Harnesses energy from human body and water wave motions
Nano-Generators with Piezoelectric-Coated Carbon Nanotube
  • Improved power generation
  • Extended service life
Multiplexed Analysis of Cells for Cancer Research
  • Enables the evaluation of cell properties in a biomimetic three-dimensional microenvironment
  • Mnimal disruption of cell-cell and cell-material interactions
  • Multiplies the number of variables that can be analyzed without significantly increasing the time of analysis
Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Micro-Scale Guidewire
  • Lays the foundation for developing the world’s smallest bidirectional motion capable, multi-DOF, mechanically actuated guidewire
  • Achieves individual control of each degree-of-freedom
  • Enables greater range of motion and steer ability at anywhere along the length of the guidewire compared to traditional active guidewires
Multi-Wavelength Microscopy
  • Groundbreaking - First noninvasive method of assessing the total cell content of a blood bag without breaching the bag and potentially damaging the contents or compromising manufacturing
  • Cheaper - Laser scanning multi-photon microscopy is 5 to 10 times more expensive
  • Improved Imaging – Consistent cross-section of the cells and reduced blurriness