Available Technologies by Category
“Smart” Feedback-Controlled Bioreactor Platform Enables Consistent High-Yield and High-Quality MSC Products
  • Scaled-down feedback-controlled hollow fiber-based bioreactor enables identifying the critical quality attributes and critical process parameters for high-quantity and high-quality hCT-MSCs for ideal cell growth and efficacy 
  • Provides the controls to maintain optimum conditions and improve expansion yield and cell viability
  • System can be adapted and applied to industrial cell therapy manufacturing and can enable high-yield and high-quality products while minimizing variabilities
‘Intelligent’ Power Amplifier Architecture
  • AI-assisted: Provides the PA self-reconfigurability and robust adaptive operation over environmental changes
  • High performance: Features low latency and fast response capabilities required for many fifth-generation (5G) applications
  • Improved learning efficiency: Incorporates into control algorithms multiple RL frameworks, including CAB, multi-armed bandit, contextual bandit, and actor-critic with experience replay
Zombie-Based Mitigation – Protecting Cache from Flush-Based Attack
  • Negligible performance – performance is unchanged when the system is not under attack
  • Storage efficient – low storage required for implementation and execution (1 bit per line)
  • Robust – no restrictions on capacity benefits of page-sharing
Zeolitic Nanotubes for Advanced Chemical Catalysis and Separation
  • Streamlined: Allows for faster access into and out of zeolite pores without compromising key characteristics of conventional zeolites
  • Advanced: Supports a single central mesoporous channel even after calcination of the organic structure directing agents
  • Robust: Consists of both micropores and mesopores with the potential to enable a variety of separation and catalytic properties.
8407, 8922
Zeolite Membrane Sieves Fabricated on Low-Cost Alumina Hollow Fiber Substrates
  • High performance: Enables lower-cost, scalable, membrane-based molecular separation
  • Convenient: Can form a standalone complete separation or reduce bottlenecks in conventional separation processes
8080, 8167
X-Ray Compton Scatter Imaging on Volumetric CT Systems
  • Reduces radiation exposure in conventional imaging systems
  • Enhances data acquired from VCT, CT, and X-ray imaging
  • Applied to a wide range of VCT systems
X-Band Tunable Microwave Generator
  • Simpler – consists of a single laser diode, a mirror, a feedback attenuator, photodiode, and inter-connects between the devices
  • Cheaper – does not require expensive external RF sources or laser sources
  • Accessible – does not require any exotic components that cannot be purchased from a component manufacturer
7960, 7930
Wireless Power Transfer System
  • Small in size - Resonators are compact geometric shapes, aiding in volume or weight limited applications
  • Resistant to misalignment - Retains comparable efficiency levels regardless of relative angles of transmitter and receiver
  • Versatile – Both data and power can be simultaneously transmitted
6080, 6081, 6106
Wireless Neurovascular Monitoring System
  • Minimally invasive: minimal impact on hemodynamics (dynamics of blood flow)
  • Flexible and stretchable: able to conform to complex vessel geometry
  • Longer range: improved wireless detection range
WiMove: Ceiling-Based Access Point for Wireless Communications
  • Ceiling-based access point: allows for optimal line of sight and reduces noise by physical barriers
  • Faster communication: utilizes machine-learning algorithms to re-position line of sight
Wearable Technology for Joint Health Assessment
  • Sensitive bio-markers of knee healing process 
  • Can be used outside of clinical settings 
  • Provides quantitative measurements as opposed to qualitative ones
Wearable Technology for Cardiovascular Activity
  • Non-invasive measure of cardiac function through wearable ballistocardiography
  • Regular measurements of systolic time intervals during normal daily activities
  • Could be used in harsh environmental conditions including underwater
Wearable Robotic Limb
  • The limb uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to understand what the user wants it to do and how to perform the required tasks in a changing environment
  • The limb’s movements are modeled based on human motions and therefore operate smoothly and look natural.
  • Proprietary multi-limb mounting design
Wearable Ocular Electronics with Virtual Reality Solution for Effective Home-Based Vision Therapy
  • The first fully portable and wireless ocular electronic system in a VR environment provides an effective, home-based visual therapy program.
  • The integrated wearable system has a data classification algorithm to provide high-fidelity, real-time detection of eye vergence to treat eye disorders.
  • Running a VR system on a smartphone can create “virtual therapies” that can be used anywhere anytime.
Wearable Health Monitoring Device Improves Data Quality and Accuracy
  • High performance: Captures real-time, real-world data of multiple physiological signals with a significant reduction in MA interference
  • Chest-mounted: Provides more accurate ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, and activity detection than existing wrist-worn commercial monitors
  • Comfortable: Adheres securely and discretely to the skin using a breathable soft membrane for continuous conformal contact, eliminating excessive sweating and skin irritation
Wearable Device for Evaluating Post-Injury Ankle Health During Ambulation
  • Better decisions: Helps clinicians more easily determine the best course for ankle rehabilitation and improves compliance with physical therapy
  • Faster recovery: Enables improved rehabilitation guidance based on collected telehealth data that may speed the time to recovery
  • Fewer re-injuries: Supports clinicians in making better decisions regarding appropriate activity levels and readiness to return to activities to avoid re-injury
Water-Soluble Mold for Sample Analysis
  • Inexpensive: difference in materials used from existing practices, lowers manufacturing costs  
  • Universal adoption: no requirement of expensive cleanrooms facilities and associated personnel
  • Environmentally: conscious- non-toxic process eliminates need for organic solvent and waste treatment
Water Waste Removal using Magnetic Nanoparticles
  • Fast - The adsorption process only takes 30 minutes, and the treatment process only requires one step (i.e. no filtration).
  • Economical -  The method of preparing the magnetized nanoparticles is simple and cost-effective. Furthermore, a given batch of nanoparticles can be reused more than 20 times, with a 90% recovery rate.
  • Green - This does not introduce harmful chemicals, and enables the recovery and recycling of phosphorous.
Vortex Generators for Prosthetic Heart Valves
  • Unique- biocompatible and customizable vortex generators
  • Lower-cost- technology of quick molding fabrication
  • Reduced TAT- vortex generators implanted in BMHVs have shown to reduce TAT by greater than 42%
Voice-Activated Robotic Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation and Assistance
  • Voice-activated movement controlled by the patient
  • Integrated smartphone application to recommend exercises and schedules
  • Quantitative performance metrics and analysis sent to the physical therapist