Available Technologies by Category
Fabrication of Slanted Electrodes in MEMS Devices
  • High Performance – slanted electrodes provide more capabilities and possibilities for MEMS devices
  • Consolidated – reduces the need for large systems of MEMS
  • Versatile – MEMS with slanted electrodes can be applied to many applications
Facile Synthesis of Ultrathin Silver Nanowires
  • Produces Ag nanowires less than 20 nm in diameter, with high aspect ratios (over 1000), and in high yield (>85%)
  • One pot, quick (< 35 min) synthetic process that is performed under ambient pressure
  • Great mechanical flexibility and can be bent at acute angles without breaking
Facilitating Ultrasound Penetration of the Skull for Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Portable: Designed to enable imaging of the brain via small, mobile ultrasound devices, which may offer greater convenience compared with MRI and CT machines
  • Affordable: May be a lower cost modality compared with leading techniques, such as MRI, CT, or positron emission tomography (PET)
  • Robust: Demonstrates energy transmission through the skull on par with that of an aqueous medium in preliminary testing
Fast Evaporating Polymers and Copolymers Cross-linking
  • Incorporation of small molecules that are capable of amplification
  • Residue reduction
  • Waste elimination
7472, 7645
Fast, Effective Thrombolytic Agent for Arterial Blood Clots
  • The disulfide dimer of the amino acid cystine, has the potential to be a highly efficient thrombolytic agent for treating dangerous arterial blood clots.
  • During in vitro testing DiNAC dissolved thrombi in as quickly as 90 seconds and reduced the diameter and surface area of certain thrombi by 50–95 percent.
  • DiNAC has the potential to treat multiple conditions associated with arterial thrombus formation and to mitigate life-threatening side effects. 
Fibrin "Knob" Therapeutics
  • Simple method
  • Robust production
  • Innate therapeutic potential
Field Measurement of Gas Fluxes Using a Non-Gradient Method
  • Costs: lower equipment and operation cost without compromising measurement accuracy
  • Efficiency: efficient modeling gas fluxes at diurnal and seasonal scales
  • Applicability: natural and pollutant gases over all types of land surfaces.
FlashStream: A Multi-Tiered Storage Architecture Optimized for Video Streaming
  • Flashstream designed specifically for video streaming; whereas alternative storage systems are general purpose resulting in degraded  video
  • Prototype Flashstream, which optimizes caching, performed 2X better than its nearest competitor, Oracle Solaris ZFS.
  • Directly accesses the SSD and RAM to achieve Quality-of-Service (QoS)-sensitive caching to better prioritize changes in video workloads
Flexible Electrical Interconnects with Concave/Convex Platform
  • Co-fabrication of very complex interconnect structures for developing and testing different system topologies 
  • Improved system performance while increasing packaging density with little or no impact on the fabrication process steps used
  • Complex shapes easily fabricated without compromising the mechanical strength or the electrical performance
Flexible Power Generation with Negative Carbon Emissions
  • Energy security: This system enables the continued use of low-cost domestic fuel (i.e., natural gas) for electricity generation and increases the reliability of U.S. electricity production.
  • Environmental protection: Flexible carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems can achieve high CO2 capture rates from flue gas. For example, with this system a power generator could shift the times it exports electricity to the grid, allowing the power generator and CCS plant to operate under steady-state conditions and with reduced emissions.
  • Reduced costs: The cost of a net-zero carbon electricity system is lowered by providing dispatchable power to a high-VRE grid.
Flight Control System for Miniature Aerial Robots
  • Lightweight: Features a core electronics board that weighs less than half a gram
  • Flexible: Contains a core electronics board that can be conveniently reprogrammed for expanded functionality
  • Compact: Offers a small form factor with an area of about 2 square centimeters
Fluid Interface–Supported Printing Process for Stereolithography 3D Printing
  • Reduced costs:  Lowers costs by using less resin and requiring less user effort for support removal and post-processing
  • Faster printing: Produces parts more quickly and easily
  • Enhanced creation of complex geometries: Enhances the ability to create more detailed and complex structures using SLA 3D printing
Fluid Management System for Hemofiltration
  • Compact- size addresses concern of restricted bed-side space
  • Age-friendly- potential use in any age group, from newborns to adults
Fluorescence Microscopy with an Ideal sCMOS Camera
  • Fast – produces fully quantitative sCMOS image restoration up to 100 times faster than the current state-of-the-art
  • Accurate –  produces fully quantitative sCMOS image restoration up to two orders of magnitude more accurate than the current state-of-the-art
  • Improved features – allows a broad range of imaging techniques without compromising data reliability
Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Live-Cell RNA Imaging
  • Sensitive — can image single molecules with multiple emission wavelengths
  • Fast — probe is multivalent and bind to RNA in less than 10 minutes
  • Low cost — the alternative dual-label probes are more expensive
Fog-Free GTE Ventilated Face Mask
  • Unique- fog-free patient eye-contact
  • Non-invasive- reduced stress in extended medical staff contact with patients
  • Simple-  economical and durable
Foldable Box Kites for Generating Electricity
  • Robust – dynamic stability enables much easier control of the comprised of box kites
  • Increased generation –the kite can access and capture much stronger and steadier winds
  • Simple – components are easier to manufacture and install and maintain
Foot Ankle Orthotic (FAO) Delivers Real-Time Portable, Discreet Haptic Feedback for Patients and Athletes
  • Providing patients with discreet notifications of real-time plantar pressure to improve rehabilitation of foot-ankle injuries between clinical visits can reduce risk of injury strain and minimize long-term damage.
  • Athletes from various sports (e.g., tennis, football, basketball) could prioritize injury prevention during practice and games because of the discreet haptic notifications that bring attention to foot planting techniques via pressure monitoring.
  • The benefits of measuring plantar pressure from the four zones of this device’s insole (heel, toes, medial, and lateral) extend beyond foot-ankle injuries and can be key to diabetic pressure wound prevention as well as knee osteoarthritis therapy.
Foot GO: The Foot Granular Orthosis
  • Customizable: Can easily adjust fit and stiffness
  • Simpler: Has potential to simplify the foot orthosis manufacturing process
  • Re-conformable: Custom fit and stiffness can be readjusted multiple times for changing needs over time
Four-Dimensional Electron Density Mapping of the Ionosphere
  • Innovative: Produces the first four-dimensional image of electron density in the lower ionosphere
  • Far-reaching: Leverages technology that can be used efficiently on a global scale
  • Pragmatic: Yields a highly useful four-dimensional map to be used in military and commercial applications that rely on high-frequency communications