Available Technologies by Category
Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing Driven By a Triboelectric Nanogenerator

Safety: intrinsically limited charge transfer and current provide better safety for both personnel and instruments.

Cost-effectiveness: the TENG was simply operated using a rotary motor and the cost of the TENG device and boost circuit is less than 100 USD, while a commercial DC HV power source usually costs more than 1000 USD.

Controllability: owing to the charge dominating output characteristic of TENG, the droplet jetting frequency could be controlled by the TENG operation frequency.

Electromagnetic (EM) Metastructures
  • Multi-use: Provides structural support in conjunction with static and in situ EM performance
  • Efficient: Reduces size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) parameters 
  • Flexible: Integrates non-standard material systems
Electromagnetic Breach Detection Sensor
  • Difficult to defeat — due to unique voltage patterns
  • Works independently — not reliant on perfect connections to maintain functionality
  • Ability to sustain a moderate amount of damage — to avoid incorrectly detecting a breach
Electromagnetic Detecting and Energy Converting Coated Nanotubes
  • Unlimited — No limit to energy collection
  • Efficient Energy Collection — Useful in Solar Spectrum
Electron Beam Induced Deposition of Nanostructures
  • Unique nano-fabrication process that allows direct-write of complex 3D nano-structures (e.g. cavities and overhangs)
  • Fabrication process compatible with variety of materials on any substrates (planar and non-planar)
  • Provides growth rate of amorphous carbon nano-structures 3 times greater than that of standard gas-phase FEBID
Electron Deficient Materials for Use in Electronics
  • Higher electron mobilities
Electronic Barrier and Enforcement System and Method
  • Improve overall performance of the transportation system while reducing enforcement costs and need for law enforcement resources
  • Reduces the need for a physical barrier between the HOV/HOT and general purpose lanes
  • Addresses traffic management problems through the implementation of automated electronic enforcement of barrier to integrity 
Electronic Immunoassay Using Enzymatic Metallization on Microparticles
  • Lower cost: Replacing fluorescent markers and readout methods with impedance detection has the potential to significantly decrease the cost of the assay. 
  • Transportable: Impedance measurements in microfluidics can be made transportable, which can potentially enable point-of-care applications, as electronic elements are more durable than optical elements.
  • Practical: Identification of COVID-19 antibodies in COVID-positive serum samples has already been demonstrated.
Eliminating Phase Separation Issues
  • Phase separation is eliminated
  • Growth process is faster
  • Processing temperatures are lower and over a wider range
Embedded Wireless Temperature Sensor for Orthopedic Implants
  • Utilizes temperature as indication of deep tissue infection
  • Deep tissue measurement vs. only reaching skin surface
  • Non-invasive monitoring
Enabling Multi-Beam, High-Capacity Massive MIMO for 5G Communications and More
  • State-of-the-art: Is the first Rx-array design of its kind, autonomously achieving modulated blocker suppression and desired signal beamforming simultaneously without the need for a digital beamforming aid  
  • Robust: Enables multi-beam high-capacity massive MIMO to address the demands of both commercial and defense applications
  • Scalable: Employs ASFs that achieve 4-element spatial filters with sharpened selectivity that can be extended to larger array sizes of thousands of elements and cancellation of any number of interference signals
Enabling Privacy-Preserving Search Over Fuzzy Databases
  • Privacy-preserving: Improves the security of biometric-based surveillance, identification, or searches for individuals using their biometric data over private databases
  • Timely: Addresses the requirements of recent and emerging privacy protection regulations and policies
  • Practical: Fills a gap in privacy-preserving search technologies, which currently do not accommodate searching of fuzzy data such as biometrics
Enabling Rapid Detection of Label-Free RNA for Use in COVID-19 Testing
  • Earlier detection: Identifying the viral components themselves—rather than the body’s reaction to the viral presence (i.e., antibodies)—potentially improves early detection in asymptomatic subjects.
  • Simpler process: Use of minimal reagents and fewer preparatory steps is designed to enable more efficient and facile sample preparation. Avoidance of “wash steps” aims to minimize target loss.
  • Fewer disruptions: Avoiding the use of high-demand supplies (e.g., swabs) and reagents potentially reduces supply-chain and contamination issues.
Energy Storage for Automotive/Portable Applications
  • Increased storage density — backbone offers high surface area for hydrogen storage
  • Fast and easy — polymer readily folds and unfolds for hydrogen storage and fast release in response to actuation
  • Suitable for packaging — uses compliant polymers as a matrix to assume any form factor
Enhanced Cybersecurity for Networked Motion Control Systems with Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption
  • Increase cybersecurity with expression rewrite rules for encrypted dynamic control schemes that reduce the multiplicative depth of somewhat homomorphic encryption and improve numerical stability. 
  • New approach generates motion commands to servo systems without creating a security hole.  
  • Information decryption and control signal calculation can be performed and executed inside the plant, while all sensitive system information outside of the plant is always encrypted. 
Enhanced Diversifying Base Editors for Directed Evolution in S. cerevisiae
  • This invention presents an optimized and integrated CRISPR diversifying base editor for use in yeast and demonstrate its ability to rapidly improve the affinity of an antibody through yeast display. 
  • The innovation has enhanced the base editor mutation rate up has been increased to 27-fold by characterizing an improved key variant and by optimizing the structure of the CRISPR guide RNAs.
  • The technology has attained a rate roughly 10-fold higher than state-of-art systems and facilitates ultra-rapid antibody diversification.
Enhanced Information Security Monitoring Using Analog Signals
  • Accurately and precisely perform security monitoring of information and data being used by computer devices and systems
  • Eliminates the need for the security mechanism to be incorporated into the device/system being monitored
  • Capable of functioning without using resources of the device or system being monitored
7110, 6898
Enhanced MIMO Framework for Optimized Wireless Communications
  • Innovative: Overcomes the efficiency and complexity challenges of conventional detector frameworks
  • Independent: Has a fixed complexity that remains unaffected by noise
  • Sophisticated: Combines the high performance of K-best detection with the low-complexity scalar list detector
Enhanced Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Increases efficacy of Li-ion batteries – increases conductivity
  • Product longevity – increased stability during charging and discharging
  • Enables practical implementation – can be applied on a larger scale
Environmental Context from Machine Readable Visual Markers
  • High resolution — system can provide high resolution indoor location context