Available Technologies by Category
Crosslinked Membranes for Natural Gas Purification
  • Better separation - achieved better CO2/CH4 separation than commercial polyimide membranes
  • Cheaper
  • Versatile in production - crosslinking can be done in various chemical means depending on application demands and still result in plasticization resistance and improved gas separation performance
Custom-Fit Reusable Respiratory Protective Device (RPD) with Continuous Fit Monitoring Improves Comfort and Protection
  • Vastly improves comfort and protection while bringing peace of mind to wearers through a custom fit and continuous monitoring
  • Reduces pressure injuries caused by extended RPD use through both a customized fit and alerts to the wearer when the RPD should be adjusted or removed
  • Minimizes exposures to workplace hazards by immediately detecting leakage during RPD use and alerting the wearer to adjust the device
8876, 9089, 9090, 9091
Customizable Smart Charging Solution for Electric Vehicles in Residential Areas
  • This customizable smart charger uses algorithms and a hardware prototype to control electric vehicle charging and optimize benefits to consumers and power grid operators. 
  • Consumers can charge according to their preference (e.g., minimize cost, maximize carbon-free energy usage, minimize charging time, or minimize battery degradation).
  • The smart charger selects charging profiles that delay charging to avoid excessive loads on the power grid.
Customized 3D-Printed Bioresorbable Heart Valves
  • Resorbable, patient-specific heart valves offer great flexibility for treating a wider range of conditions and patients than traditionally manufactured heart valves. 
  • Customizable valves potentially decrease complications due to poor fit and the need for reinterventions.
  • Selecting materials for optimal mechanical properties, thermodynamic properties, chemical properties, and surface chemistry and morphology reduces mismatch between device and tissue, potentially improving performance and patient outcomes.
D-Band Vector Modulator Phase Shifter (VMPS) Achieves Higher Bandwidth
  • Uses tapered delay lines at the input to generate differential quadrature signals that enable wider bandwidth and result in higher speed communications
  • Reaches a moderate gain of 1.5 decibels at a center frequency of 128 GHz, while simultaneously achieving higher bandwidth of 35 GHz than any other mmWave VMPS in silicon
  • Has low power consumption, using only 20.3 mW of average DC power from a 1.5 V supply
DejaVu: Automated Suggestions for Email Responses on Mobile Devices
  • Potential to decrease time spent replying to emails
  • Reply suggestions are relevant due to robust information curator and database in the system architecture
Deployable Critical Active Learning (DECAL) System Offers Better Characterization for Improved Diagnostics and Imaging
  • The deployable critical active learning (DECAL) system’s bi-modal interface enables better characterization with large training sets that generate more accurate output for higher precision.
  • The algorithm used during the initialization period creates a framework that can be expanded and generalized to any data method and application.
  •  The DECAL algorithm samples uniquely important, unlabeled data to aid existing active learning systems in generalizing more quickly, providing faster diagnosis statistics.
Deployable Gridded Ion Thruster
  • Enables efficient ion thruster propulsion capability for cubesats
  • Deploys large surface area gridded ion thruster from small stowed internal volume
  • Enables, via large deployed size, efficient propellant ionization, high propellant utilization, and passive cooling
Detecting Change of Dielectric Constant
  • Enables detection of materials based on changes to the effective dielectric constant of a circular resonator
  • Measures the index of refraction to detect the change in optical wavelength that is occurring
  • Able to detect the power of the electromagnetic wave in the circular resonator at resonance condition and/or during build-up stage
DetectIV Offers Noninvasive Early IV Infiltration and Extravasation Detection
  • DetectIV provides a continuous, noninvasive, and wireless IV infiltration and extravasation detection system. 
  • The sensor does not cover the IV site and works well with all skin types—significant improvements over existing detection devices. 
  • The device detects infiltrations on average 2 hours ahead of nursing standard of care making it an effective early detection system that prevents extended hospital stays. 
Developing Tumor Immune Microenvironments via Engineered Hydrogel
  • Scalable: Enables increased tumor formation rate without sacrificing the dynamic complexity of an in vivo adaptive immune response
  • Improved consistency: Demonstrates consistent induction of tumor growth, latency, and immune infiltration in early analyses of the technology
  • Cost-effective: Eliminates the repetitive processes of conventional methods and leverages inexpensive hydrogel
Device Continuously Separates Functionalized Magnetic Microparticles from Solids to Yield Benefits for the Pharmaceutical Industry and More
  • Magnetic force is used to enhance traditional solid-solid separation techniques to yield a high-purity product stream and continuously return catalyst to a reactor.
  • The device is capable of continuous separation for multiple hours and can be parallelized or ran in series to improve solids throughput and separation efficiency.
  • This technology could help accelerate the adoption of continuous, heterogeneously catalyzed reactive crystallizations and, more generally, expand the chemistries and processes fit for continuous manufacturing. 
Devices, Systems, and Methods for Excavating Cancer Cells
  • Tumors are able to migrate on manufactured fibers or films instead of healthy brain tissue
  • Minimally invasive- the device can be deployed directly or using a catheter
  • The device is size and shape variable- films can range from nano- to micron- scale
Digital-to-Analog Converter Model for Optical Link Simulations
  • Efficient- can simulate frequency dependent effects in a computationally efficient manner
Disease Progression Modeling
  • Accurate - Provides continuous time modeling, which is more appropriate for medical data due to patients being monitored at irregular intervals
  • Multipurpose - Could be used for disease staging, characteristic progression pattern discovery, prediction of the future state of disease, fast local progression detection, and to enable understanding of disease progression
Disposable Cassette for Dialysis
  • Efficient- designed to minimize human error and reduces set-up time of dialysis treatment
  • Automated- enables automated dialysis mode selection using radio frequency identification
  • Disposable-  eliminates potential contamination in patient treatment


Disposable Impedance Biosensor for Cell Manufacturing
  • Multi-point measurements- provide tempo-spatial profiles of culture attributes and can print a wide range of conductive and insulating materials on both rigid and flexible substrates with non-planar surfaces
  • Wireless - collects the signal wirelessly via printed antennas to simplify the integration to different types of existing bioreactor technologies
  • Safe - system does not apply contact, and minimizes any chance of harm or contamination to affect the cell culture
Distributed Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Chain Significantly Improves Drone Navigation When GPS Fails
  • The robust Distributed PNT Chain enables a swarm of drones or other autonomous platforms to effectively navigate when they are denied GPS access. 
  • The system shares and processes all available sensor data to significantly improve the robustness and reliability of drone teams.
  • The highly modular system is interoperable with preexisting GPS INSs and supports variable and evolving platform geometries.
Dominance Based Wireless Communication and Associated Solutions
  • A new method of wireless communication has lessened  the need for multiple channels and time durations, by creating a system where many transmitters can simultaneously transmit and increase network throughput.
  • This new system yields higher spatial reuse, reduces the latency of data reception, and improves loss performance and can be used in most wireless network scenarios.
  • The dominance based technique uses collection of information coding, and other supporting mechanisms in order to prevent the waste of communication resources.
Drive Belt with Surface Texture to Minimize Vibrations
  • Effective: Demonstrated significant reduction in vibration compared with flat, untextured belt surfaces in preliminary testing 
  • Simple: Provides a straightforward and easy-to-implement solution to a widespread problem 
  • Economical: Offers a far less expensive means of maintaining the operation of machinery compared with replacing worn belts or employing complex tension systems