Available Technologies by Category
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction at Low Angles of Attack
  • Substantial drag reduction
Aerodynamically-Adaptive Platforms using Distributed Bleed Flow Control
  • Safe – mitigates or completely suppresses adverse effects of flow-induced vibrations and aero-elastic instabilities
  • High Performance – enables aircraft maneuverability and light-weight, efficient wing designs
  • Improved Reliability – reduces flow damage to aerostructures and allows extended lifetime
AI Systems for Personalized Wearable Robotic Systems
  • The system generalizes to different users, varying terrain conditions and walking speeds.
  • The system is designed to transfer between different wearable robotics devices.
  • The system optimally estimates the physiological state of the user to provide the best assistance that the wearable robot can give the user allowing for optimal control across tasks.
Air-Breathing Plasma Jet Engine
  • Sustainable: This invention has the potential to replace costly hydrocarbon fuel with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.
  • Adaptable: Depending on the application, the plasma can be created and coupled by various means, including direct current electric arcs, radio frequency plasma, and microwave plasma.
  • Cost-saving: This invention has the potential to replace costly hydrocarbon fuel with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative.
Airborne Acoustic Sensing System for “Ear in the Sky” Capabilities on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Optimizes speech clarity: Uses acquired empirical data and iteratively refines the processing capability until the optimal signal to noise ratio (SNR) is achieved
  • Improves covert detection: Enables acquisition of a live voice signal from a person of interest without detection by using UAS platforms to remotely acquire acoustic signals and using digital signal processing algorithms to filter, enhance, and localize the speech signal of interest
  • Enhances warfare tools: Provides increased situational awareness, enhanced ISR capabilities, and helps identify potential security threats to deployed assets
6985, 7223
Airy-beam Tomographic Microscopy for Biological Imaging
  • Streamlined: Offers a scan-free method of obtaining 3D-resolution images
  • Volumetric imaging: Generates and resolves images of tissues and cells in the 3D space  
  • High resolution and image depth: Provides 3D diffraction-limited resolution 
Algorithm for Optical Microscopy Image Denoising and Restoration
  • Miro performs consistent noise correction independent of the image sampling rate (working even with sparse images).
  • MIRO is compatible with all major imaging systems and camera types.
  • Unlike existing approaches, MIRO uses pattern, uniform, and non-uniform noise statistics to correct microscopy-relevant noise sources.
All-Electronic Immunophenotyping Device for Point-of-Care Testing
  • Convenient: Provides an all-electronic immunophenotyping process with straightforward equipment and techniques
  • Low cost: Performs sophisticated, multistep analyses in a system that is affordable enough for point-of-care settings
  • Flexible: Allows for the easy immobilization of multiple antibodies in the device—a shortcoming of current systems
8045, 8047
Alternative Methods for Producing Fixed Nitrogen
  • Increased efficiency - directly oxidizes nitrogen to create nitric acid
  • Sustainable practice - less energy-intensive process than existing practices
  • Cost saving – elimination of heat and pressure during production 
Alternative Plastic Solution Using Chitin Nanofibers
  • Environmentally friendly – made from renewable materials and biodegradable
  • Competitive – permeability comparable or better than industry standard
  • Cheap – made from a low cost and renewable resources 
Alveolar Breath Separation and Collection Device
  • Simple: this device has fewer components than prior devices
  • Inexpensive: this device is less expensive than previous devices due to its simpler design
Annuloplasty Ring & Methods for Tricuspid Valve Repair
  • Specificity- aligns with specific landmarks only found on the tricuspid annulus
  • Unique- attains an anterior, posterior, and septal segment that conform to the anterior, posterior, and septal sections of the native tricuspid annulus
  • Regulatory- adjustable annuloplasty ring, which facilitates independent control over individual leaflets.
Anodically Coloring Molecular Electrochromics (EC) Improve Contrast, Color, and Transitions
  • True black-to-clear transitions with high contrast and color tuning are now possible with anodically coloring electrochromics.
  • Broad absorption supports color mixing and color tunability in the charged state, and color tuning is enabled by manipulating the oscillator strengths of radical cation transitions.  
  • Energy required for practical electrochromic applications is effectively decreased by much lower oxidative potentials, as compared to their corresponding polyamides.
Antenna-Less RFID Tag
  • Cheaper – minimized transmission components significantly reduces manufacturing costs
  • Flexible – tags can be reprogrammed to perform different functions
  • Smaller  - reduced number of components allows for smaller chips
Anti-Resonance System Enables Variable Speed Rotors
  • High performance: Enables variable rotor speeds by significantly reducing resonance loads during transition from one rotor speed to another
  • Agile: Reduces vibration by completely removing resonance points within the rotor operating range
  • Energy efficient: Decreases power consumption by optimizing rotor speeds for different flight conditions
Antibodies for Glaucoma Research
  • Precise: Distinguishes between correctly folded and mutated forms from samples, allowing for more precise research and interventions
  • Powerful: Enables a more complete and robust understanding of myocilin antibody targets and their applications in potential glaucoma treatments  
  • Enabling: Opens new opportunities for development of pharmaceuticals to treat or prevent damage to the eye caused by glaucoma
Antifolate Compound as Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens
  • Novel structure with high binding affinity for DHFR
  • Demonstrated growth inhibition of numerous pathogens
  • Demonstrated antibacterial activity for mulit-drug resistant strains of E. coli, methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant E. faecalis & antifungal activity against amphotericin–resistant Candida albicans
Apparatus and Method for Protecting Log Information
  • Hardware and software to prevent ‘log’ data tampering
  • System logs impenetrable and non-modifiable
  • Disables the ability to remove or tamper with trace data
Aptamer-Driven Gene Targeting
  • Apatamers have unique secondary structure, allowing them to bind with high specificity and affinity to a specific target
  • Utilizes intrinsic double stranded DNA break (DSB) and repair system, enabling targeted delivery of exogenous DNA in all eukaryotic cell types
  • AGT development could lead to enhancement of gene editing technologies and ultimately disease-targeted therapy
AR Display and IR Sensing System for Baked Products
  • Reduces errors and labor invovled in quality control
  • Saves time and money
  • Assists operators in identification of potential problems