Available Technologies by Category
Inkjet Printed Multi-Layer mm-Wave Antennas and Passive Components
  • New manufacturing inkjet printing process to create massively scalable 2D and 3D antennas and passive components allows for rapid fabrication and low costs.
  • The novel innovation is both flexible and portable, enabling on-demand customization with minimal additional costs.
  • The ink manufacturing process has extensive applications from printed RF capacitators and inductors to smart cities, wearables, and skins.
Inkjet Printed Reflect Array with Van-Atta Operation
  • Low cost
  • Fully inkjet-printed
  • Flexible
Innovative Draw-based Fabrication of Patterned Structures Beyond Prismatic Geometries
  • Innovative: Pioneers a new method, expanding the applications of drawing lithography for shapes other than sharp point geometry
  • Straightforward: Introduces a simpler procedure that, unlike photolithography, does not require a cleanroom or ultraviolet (UV) curing, making it viable for continuous manufacturing
  • Flexible: Includes parameters that can be tuned to produce patterns of different sizes and shapes
Innovative Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Open-Air Assembly
  • Protective: Potentially helps protect the technician against contact with ionic hazards
  • Rapid: Separates ions through fast detection of differences in their mass, charge, and cross-section
  • Convenient: Leverages an open-air arrangement that significantly reduces time for experiment setup and sample preparation
Instrumented Ankle-foot Orthosis
  • User friendly – fully wearable and portable
  • Objective data – enhances patient outcomes
Integrated Alkali Dispenser Collimator
  • Precise: Reducing the “spread” of vapor via collimation can reduce potential signal-to-noise ratio degradation and avoid contamination of nearby electronic components.
  • Simple: Generating a directed atomic beam from the dispenser can be achieved via integrated packaging.
  • Cooler: Placing a spacer material between the dispenser and collimator creates a sealed gap that not only prevents leakage, but also allows the vapor to cool (via rapid thermalization with the collimator plate).
Integrated Cascaded Atomic Beam
  • Reduced cost – due to fabrication techniques that enable mass manufacture and spread of technology
  • Increased generation of collimated atomic beams – due to the miniaturizing of clocks
  • Maximized accuracy of the clock – by improving signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
Integrated Force Sensing for Probe Microscopy
  • Optimization of the optical detection sensitivity in air or liquid
  • Mini AFM configuration able to form images in very small volumes
  • Multi-tip nanosensors with simultaneous, multifunctional capabilities
Integrating Electrical Sensors into Soft-Lithography Microfluidic Devices
  • Sophisticated: Advances the integration of electrical sensors on microfluidic devices with a simple, approachable solution
  • Sensitive: Demonstrates a higher signal sensitivity than electrodes in a typical coplanar arrangement
  • Adaptable: Allows for greater layout flexibility because of its straightforward fabrication process
Intelligent Eye-Tracking System Offers Next-Gen Technology for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Applications
  • This system uses an AI accelerator chip with 4X higher throughput to achieve over 300 FPS, greatly improving processing speed without loss of accuracy.
  • EyeCoD achieves faster communication time by using a lens-less camera that reduces distance between the camera and the accelerator chip.
  • Using a “predict-then-focus” model, this system creates highly accurate images as well as improves visual privacy.
Interfering RNA Production and Delivery Using Virus-Like Particles
  • Inexpensive, rapid, adaptable, and reliable in vivo system for sequestering and packaging of iRNAs
  • Flexible, for long or short, single-stranded or double-stranded iRNA of any sequence
  • Efficiently delivers iRNA to biological targets; VLP-iRNAs are readily taken up by many cell types
Internet of Space Things
  • Comprehensive: Provides a fully integrated cyber-physical system that allows for active sensing, passive sensing, and data communications
  • Robust: Offers a dynamic and scalable network configuration with a centralized control that enables and simplifies data aggregation
  • Cost effective: Permits highly differentiated networking capabilities to be integrated and deployed over the same network infrastructure, using CubeSats to decrease costs
7957, 7958
Intracellular Anticancer Delivery
  • Self-assembling: Forms an organized structure in water at room temperature
  • Nano-scale: Approximately 35 nm, ideal for intracellular uptake
  • Versatile: Can be used with any antibody
Inverted Organoids for Breast Cancer and Other Invasion Studies
  • Innovative: Serves as a convenient platform for studying the invasive abilities of breast cancer cells
  • Stable: Enables formation of large inverted organoids where the basement membrane forms on the interior surface alongside a breast cell line epithelium
  • Flexible: Allows for long-term studies of at least 25 days due to the robust maintenance of the inverted orientation
KIDSCRRT – A Device for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Children
  • Pediatric-friendly-  elimination of existing application of adult CRRT devices for pediatric care
  • Improved accuracy- novel pump and control system design complete with offset loop and fluid balance system
  • Versatile- easily integrated with other extracorporeal therapies
Lab-on-a-Headset Ocular Monitoring Device
  • Low cost
  • Monitor both eyes simultaneously
  • Can be remotely configured
Large-Scale Manufacturing and Directed Assembly for Nanowires
  • Greater than 106 improvement in the rate of nanowire synthesis compared with the current state-of-the-art
  • Applicable to diverse classes of materials, dopant concentrations, and morphologies
  • Superstructure assembly is programmable via tip geometry and is material independent
Laser Rastering and Photoprocessing to Create Graphene Sheets
  • Large-scale production of graphene
  • Can be performed in a variety of environments from ambient to inert.
  • Patterned graphene features readily and easily achieved
Leverage the Advantages of Aluminum Nitride for Superior Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for High-Power, High-Temperature Diodes and Transistors
  • Metal modulated epitaxy method enables the production of p-type beryllium-doped aluminum nitride films as key components in ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors for the first time. 
  • Achieves high reverse breakdown voltage—a significant advantage over wide bandgap materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride.
  • Improves current conduction over best previous results in p-type aluminum nitride (AIN) by 30,000,000 times and n-type AlN by 6,000 times.
Light Powered RFID Tags
  • Ultra-thin
  • Highly flexible and conformable
  • Long sheltimes and operation times