Available Technologies by Category
Foldable Box Kites for Generating Electricity
  • Robust – dynamic stability enables much easier control of the comprised of box kites
  • Increased generation –the kite can access and capture much stronger and steadier winds
  • Simple – components are easier to manufacture and install and maintain
Foot Ankle Orthotic (FAO) Delivers Real-Time Portable, Discreet Haptic Feedback for Patients and Athletes
  • Providing patients with discreet notifications of real-time plantar pressure to improve rehabilitation of foot-ankle injuries between clinical visits can reduce risk of injury strain and minimize long-term damage.
  • Athletes from various sports (e.g., tennis, football, basketball) could prioritize injury prevention during practice and games because of the discreet haptic notifications that bring attention to foot planting techniques via pressure monitoring.
  • The benefits of measuring plantar pressure from the four zones of this device’s insole (heel, toes, medial, and lateral) extend beyond foot-ankle injuries and can be key to diabetic pressure wound prevention as well as knee osteoarthritis therapy.
Foot GO: The Foot Granular Orthosis
  • Customizable: Can easily adjust fit and stiffness
  • Simpler: Has potential to simplify the foot orthosis manufacturing process
  • Re-conformable: Custom fit and stiffness can be readjusted multiple times for changing needs over time
Four-Dimensional Electron Density Mapping of the Ionosphere
  • Innovative: Produces the first four-dimensional image of electron density in the lower ionosphere
  • Far-reaching: Leverages technology that can be used efficiently on a global scale
  • Pragmatic: Yields a highly useful four-dimensional map to be used in military and commercial applications that rely on high-frequency communications
Fourier Light-Field Microscope (FLFM) for Fast, Volumetric, and High-Resolution Imaging of Entire Organoids
  • Cost-efficient and scalable: Is fully adaptable to epifluorescence protocols resulting in a system that is both cost-efficient and highly scalable
  • Fast: Captures fast cellular and tissue dynamic processes in a simultaneous, volumetric manner (e.g., collective cellular responses at sub-second time scales across whole samples)
  • Validated: Responses to extracellular physical cues such as osmotic and mechanical stresses have been recorded using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived colon organoids (hCOs).
Frequency-Output Gyroscope
  • Low-cost
  • Constant resonant frequency of the drive mode
  • Better sensitivity – minimal detectable frequency is only limited by short-term stability and counting period length
Fuel Cell Membranes That Operate at High Temperature
  • High conductivity at high temperature and low humidity
  • Mechanically stable — PEMs do not tear or deform under normal operating conditions
  • Reduced acid leaching — unique acid doping between layers reduces leaching, which prolongs the life of the fuel cell
Fuel-Optimal Flight in Uncertain Wind
  • Accurate: Process uncertainty model provides more accurate results than current models
  • Efficient: Optimization model provides fuel-optimal air speed over flight path
  • Novel: First method to leverage knowledge of wind forecast uncertainty in a random process framework
Fully Bioresorbable Heart Valve Scaffold Supports Native Neovalve Growth to Reduce Future Procedures
  • Replacing a stenotic fetal heart valve with a living autologous valve could possibly cure the complex cardiac anomalies that cause single ventricle physiology.
  • With this approach, the valve has the potential to accommodate patient growth and eliminate the need for multiple heart valve replacements during the patient’s lifetime.
  • The transcatheter nature of this valve deployment makes the procedure similar in risk to a traditional fetal valvuloplasty.
Fully Integrated, Piezoelectric Standalone MEMS Frequency Combs
  • Compact: Provides a fully integrated package with a smaller footprint (30 μm x 30 μm) compared with CMOS-MEMS configurations
  • Robust: Offers higher sensitivity and enhanced detection limit compared with the previous state of the art
  • Low noise: Lowers shot noise levels associated with electronics and MEMS circuitry by eliminating the need for circuitry like electronic amplifiers
Fully Passive, Long-Range Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) via 5G
  • Large coverage: Provides a unique combination of large angular coverage and turn-on sensitivity in both planar and bent configurations
  • Long range: Demonstrates the potential for RFIDs with practical reading ranges over 1.8 km
  • Scalable: Scales in size to a precise degree, enabling selection of the optimal tradeoff between size and harvested power/reading range
8141, 8439
Generating Power via High-Efficiency Electrochemical Converter
  • Lower cost: The working fluid and storage materials are inexpensive.
  • Multifunctional: Multiple functions (e.g., solar conversion, thermal storage, electrochemical storage) can be integrated in a single system.
  • High efficiency: This device’s heat-to-electricity conversion has the potential to be twice what has been achieved previously.
Generative Causal Explanations for Black-Box Classifiers
  • Increased trust: Has the potential to improve the transparency and fairness of machine learning systems and increase the level of trust users place in their decisions
  • Flexible explanation vocabulary: Provides a rich and flexible vocabulary for explanation that is more expressive than feature selection or saliency map­–based methods
  • Deeper insights: Offers visualizations that can be much more descriptive than saliency maps, particularly in vision applications, leading to better user understanding
Generative Machine-Learning Model for Preference-Based Attribute Editing and Photorealistic Image Generation
  • User-controlled image attribute editing and generation through paired queries
  • Effective extraction of difficult-to-articulate preferences for personalized content
  • Applications in social media, e-commerce recommendations, and entertainment industries
Germination Platform for Cost-Effective Plant Production
  • Cost effective: Simply and inexpensively produces large numbers of high-quality plants from somatic embryogenesis
  • Convenient: Permits easy handling and transport of germinated propagule
  • Practical: Produces high-quality straight roots
Glucose Regulation Via Electrical Stimulation Of Nerves
  • Needle-free blood glucose control.
  • Potential to either eliminate or decrease use of blood glucose control medications.
  • First demonstrated use of electrical stimulation to inhibit nerve activity to cause a decrease in measured blood glucose levels
GPCR-Based Biosensors for Medium-Chain Fatty Acids
  • Innovative – first medium-chain fatty acid biosensor
  • Cost Saving – enables more rapid production
  • Diverse applications – applications that require different dynamic and linear ranges
Grain Structure of Stainless Steel for Anti-Wetting Properties
  • Utilizes intrinsic grain structures of stainless steel to modify surface wettability
  • More efficient fluid transport and reduced energy consumption
  • Does not require the deposition of additional coatings
Graphene Transistors: Nanoscale Electronic Components
  • Faster: Near-ballistic charge transport properties
  • Cooler: Virtually no heat generation at high speeds
  • Stronger: 100 times stronger than steel
Guided Injection of Charged Cargo for Intracellular Delivery
  • Novelty – use of an electrically-charged liquid beam of electrospray
  • Improved control – control of action on the scale of single cell/single pores
  • Diversity – arbitrary diverse set of cargo