Available Technologies by Category
A Method for Exhaustive CRISPR Off-Target Analysis
  • Provides exhaustive genomic searches for off-target sites due to mismatches, deletions, and insertions
  • Provides primers for experimental validation of predicted off-target sites
  • Facilitates experimental testing using assays or deep sequencing of potential off-target sites given in the output
A Method for Preparing Electrically Conductive Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Applications
  • Conductive – Anchored CNT structures achieve high electrical conductivity
  • Strong – CNTs and metal substrates have high adhesion strength
  • Heat resistant – Anchored CNT structures have high thermal resistance
A Method to Minimize 5G Signal Noise and Energy Consumption
  • Efficient: Minimizes 5G energy noise and lowers overall energy consumption required for the exponential growth of 5G networks
  • Reliable: Promises to improve signal reliability by suppressing bandwidth-intensive media without impacting end-user experience
  • Economical: Improves affordability of signal routing for millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G services
A Mobile-to-Mobile Remote Computing Protocol for Mobile Computing Devices
  • Supports multi-touch mobile-to-mobile interaction with an order of magnitude increase in supported gestures.
  • Enables rich context transfer between remote mobile devices, and enables the client to experience the remote client’s context by providing access to all the sensor data on the remote client.
  • Compression scheme used is optimized to mobile device operating conditions such as application demands on CPU load, memory usage, and available network bandwidth.
A Partial-Hand Prosthesis Simulator
  • Specific: Designed to maintain limb length by placing artificial fingers in positions similar to where they would be in an intact hand performing grasping actions (rather than extending the length of the limb as many prostheses do)
  • User friendly: Features rubber-capped fingertips that may provide a more lifelike representation of grasp and enhance usability
  • Nuanced: Designed to limit tactile sensation and feedback from immobilized fingers, which may allow better evaluation of how the device is functioning for the patient in comparison to an actual prosthesis
A Process to Chemically Modify Polymeric Materials
  • Cost reduction – cost is reduced due to technique simplification
  • Efficiency – technique has no requirement for repeated cycling
  • Flexibility – VPI can be applied at any stage in production processes
A Screening Method to Detect Ovarian Cancer
  • Early stage detection
  • Highly accurate
  • Minimally invasive
A Semiconductor Particle Detector Based on Work Function Modulation
  • Small: Can be used as a portable radiation detector
  • Versatile: Can be implemented in current particle detectors for accuracy testing and experimental verification
  • Scalable: Offers the potential to be used in creating an array of devices for implementation in larger research experiments
A Sensor That Converts Everyday Objects into Microphones
  • Lower cost: The SATURN microphone’s simpler and less expensive fabrication technique results in lower overall costs.
  • Better performance: The microphone geometry, attachment methods, and size and spacing of holes are optimized to maximize the recovery of sound and generation of power. This results in better performance compared to commercially available microphones of this type, recovering sound up to 5,000 Hz.
  • Versatile: Its thin, flexible, and passive form make it configurable to a large number of applications.
A Solid Phase Reactive Separation System
  • Provides a streamline single unit operation for handling solid-phase reactors and chromatographic separators
  • Improves the effectiveness of reaction-separation processes for solid-phase reactants
  • Efficient and recycles the homogeneous catalyst
A Technique for Integrating Photographs for Medical Imaging Examinations
  • Prevents the application of incorrect patient identification at the time of medical image generation
  • Allows the correlation of serial imaging studies by ensuring that all studies are from the same patient
  • Avoids the generation of incorrect reports
Acousto-Optical Sensors for MRI Safety Evaluation
  • The invention is an acousto-optical sensor that can measure the SAR (specific absorption rate) in its environment through temperature and the radio frequency (RF) field.
  • The innovation can be used to improve patient safety during MRI scans and to ensure MRI-compatibility for medical implants.
  • The solution is more compact and flexible than market alternatives
Adaptive Broadband Impedance Matching in Ultrasound Front-End Electronics
  • High performance: Improves power transfer and acoustic reflectivity
  • Flexible: Enables multimodal and tunable operation of CMUTs
  • Efficient: Provides optimal matching for co-design of CMUT electronics
Adaptive Medical Image Recognition System with Limited Data Transfer Learning
  • Adaptive medical image recognition system that utilizes transfer learning to overcome limitations caused by minimal amounts of data.
  • Novel innovation transforms generic models into application-specific ones and overcomes the limitations of traditional systems that are often tailored to specific domains or imaging devices.
  • New image recognition system can be used for diagnostics and analysis as well as medical condition monitoring.
Advance Mobility Improvement for Organic Field Effect Transistors
  • Dramatic increase in mobility: Yields a 2-order-of-magnitude increase in charge transport
  • Fast: Achieves 100-fold improvements after a mere 5 minutes of ultrasound
  • Simple: Requires only low-intensity ultrasound and eliminates the need for dielectric surface modifications or post-deposition treatment of the device
Advance Warning System for Improved Safety in Roadway Work Zones
  • Enhanced safety: Rather than relying on impact-activated devices, the system issues real-time warnings as soon as the perimeter is breached, providing more time for workers to react and get to safety.
  • Portable and changeable: The system can be easily moved or adjusted to accommodate changes to the work zone during the day.
  • Smart analytics: Analysis of intrusion data helps pinpoint areas within the work zone that are more susceptible to breaches, enabling more effective and efficient security.
Advanced Error Measurement System for Additive Manufacturing Machines
  • Advanced technology for precise error measurement in AM machine optomechanical systems
  • Innovative laser-based method to identify and correct focal errors in PBF-LB AM machines
  • Comprehensive approach enhances machine performance and output quality
Advanced Manufacturing of Biodegradable Shape Memory Polymers Increases In Vivo Success
  • Faster healing: Improvements catalyze the regeneration of tissue for a faster recovery
  • Increased efficacy: Decreases the likelihood of rejection because the polymers are manufactured in such a way to increase tissue ingrowth and cell attachment 
  • Reduced healthcare resource utilization: When initial implantation is successful, it reduces the need for secondary procedures or advanced clinical care for infection
Advanced Techniques in Floating-Gate Transistor Programming
  • Precise
  • Smaller switch count
  • Fewer parasitic
Advancing Mass Spectrometry with Novel Interface
  • Flexible: Allows for integration with a range of operational modes and analytical workflows for different ESI-MS techniques
  • High performance: Offers enhanced sensitivity and a significantly improved limit of detection
  • Robust and effective: Minimizes charged ion loss and enables sampling of the most analytically “valuable” droplets